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  1. maddbovell

    I always hated to hear about bike accidents, especially immediately after i tell someone about my Raider, but today i got some really bad news... a buddy of mine died yesterday on his Ducatti 1098. I know this is a yamaha forum, but we are all brothers of the same "2 wheeled family"... we all dont ride with just other raiders, or roadliners, or fat boys, or hammers; we ride together. Every time i raise my glass, your memory will join the memories of all those who have left this world before me. Rest in peace Kevin, now you can really fly on those Heavenly Highways...

  2. LDIRebroPhil

    Sorry for your loss condolences

  3. Pavbj

    Sorry Matt, for your loss and your pain. Hang in there.

  4. dheohiomige

    Sorry for your loss..

  5. QHztoidall

    Sorry for your loss Matt. Take care.

  6. maddbovell

    thank you very much everyone, it is very much appreciated


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