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  1. retzdarraiter

    i really dont give a S what you all do to your RAIDERS! they are yours to destroy if you wanna! JMHO!!!. i have to keep things upbeat and happy! right mikey? and besides, i dont want to get a pawpy please dont egg me on. i got 2 points already!!

  2. pacchuz4595

    Everyone likes opinionated and judgmental people. It's cool, dude.

  3. IntjRaiter

    I've never had a problem with ya Red! I'll be your friend!! (Especially after how I was personally ATTACKED and even my family's business abilities mocked over on the MyBikeForums Raider page by one of the veteran members of the raider board!! It was pretty low and uncalled for, and after that, hell...Red you don't say anything insulting AT ALL in my book anymore!)

  4. kman

    Never felt offended, in fact I prefer not to have saddle bags on my Raider. I will be using a tail bag only when I need it.

  5. tycotr

    Feelings on the internet make me laugh.

  6. retzdarraiter

    so can i go back to bein a jerk mikey? or stay with the new and improved model?

  7. BumplepeeBop

    I'm not at all sure just what your position is Red but mine is that the Raider would look it's best as a stripped down "bobber." That's the direction mine is headed. Nearly everybody I know has told me how I need to get a windshield and a backrest and all. Not on my bike, thank you.

    That said, and I forget just who's bike it is, the one who has the hard, streamlined bags and turned his bike into a "bagger" has a great looking bike. Not the style I have in mind for mine but that doesn't mean he hasn't created one fine looking bike!

    Different strokes for different folks. I can't stand people that can't seem to understand that.

  8. retzdarraiter

    a bobber would be cool,im really liking some of what i see being done. i especially like the thick front and rear tires

  9. IntjRaiter

    You're thinking of Ghost 1900's bike. Indeed a SWEET looking bagger of a raider!!! I don't need bags enough for hardbags, but if I had remotely the need he did, I would say he wrote the book on how to bag-out a raider with looks!!! Nothing against the rest of you, but those corbin hardbags just work!!

  10. zaldjtok36

    I must say that Ghost has a cool ride. You know that, to me, a motorcycle is like a hair cut. A couple of weeks and it can really grow on you.

  11. Sonic235

    Sorry, but what the crap! So many here a saying it is okay to give your opinion, but becareful how you give it, or you may hurt someones feelings. If i think your bike looks like crap, then i think your bike looks like crap, and that would be my opinion. Why would anyone have to sugarcoat what they feel. If you don't like my opinion, and you are happy with your crappy looking bike, then so be it.

    I still think that a raider with bags and a windshield, is like taking the cool kid at school and putting him in the marching band, may still look good, but is now a GEEK

  12. IntjRaiter

    I think the difference here is a fundamental difference of belief in the forum's tone. I personally don't see the harm in choosing to re-word whatever it is you feel like saying into something that doesn't come off like a stuck-up prick who values their opinion over everyone else's. It comes down to most of us wanting this forum to carry a positive atmosphere, to encourage and support (as cheesy as it may sound) rather than create a hierarchy of "cool" and engage in group-think.

    I think if you'll re-read everything a majority of the members are saying... no one wants to stop you from being able to freely dispense your opinion here, I think it's more of a notion of the fact that we're all adults who are choosing to spend their free time (DEBATABLE FOR MANY OF US!!) on this forum, and a little respect all around is nice, not to mention, I really don't think it's too much to ask!

  13. THUNDER160

    well said indy......



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