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  1. retzdarraiter

    apparently some folks here think im a jerk (other forums) or whatever for offering my opinion about putting windshields or bags on the RAIDER. ITS JMHO OK? im sorry if i offend people. im new to forums and motorcycling as well. maybe i just dont know any better. i am just trying to learn lots and give my opinion (for what its worth) and have some fun and hopefully make some friends too. if it bothers you to read my posts i'll add a warning label at the top of every one of them so you can avoid them. SORRY!

  2. ROB2

    everyone have different tastes, people must watch out when they ask,sooo what do you think. dont sweat the small stuff,Later Rob

  3. Wilcon857

    I am an opinionated person too. They don't have to read it, just like I don't have to read their posts. So post on, if you can't express yourself on the internet then the world is a worse place than i care to be.

  4. mzchmitd

    No worries red. I can tell you are just a smarta$$ at times. Some guys got issues with that. It is hard to get expression through a keyboard. Some guys don't like their bikes being talked down on even when they ask for opinions. It is deflating to them to hear negative comments about their bike considering the time and money they put into it. For me, if I don't care for something I just keep my mouth shut (usually).

    Now what was that you said about my QD windshield?!!

  5. LDIRebroPhil

    Exactly, don't sweat it dude. BTW, I had bags and a windshield on my 1995 ACE Shadow, just not going to do it to my Raider! But if that's your setup, Rock On, I certainly won't critize ya for it.

  6. kamezbanger

    I think you came off kind of strong at first but I respect you for an up front, stand up apology. You never offended me, but I read some of your posts (about a bone stock Raider or something like that) that was probably offensive to some. Some of these guys have $20K in their bikes and take offense when someone comes off with a strong opinion about their bike looking bad (which is kinda what you did). I think a lot of it was not really what you said, but how you said it.

    I am not one to talk because I "get myself in trouble" every once in a while so I wouldn't sweat it. Don't lose any sleep from it is what I am saying. Again, it takes a real man to say sorry.

    That said, if someone is being a little girl about something, I prefer to tell them to get over it. Sometimes "sorry" is warranted, sometimes it is not. I think you did the right thing this time. I hope the offended are men enough to forgive and move on

  7. grasjpurro

    red i would not worry about it anymore then you alreaddy have. We all have our opinions and are here to talk motorcycles. somethings we like and some we dont. for the outsider having not made up their opinion on something its better for them to hear the positive and the negaive. This site is not for blowing smoke up people's a$$e$. It's for aduts to talk openly and honestly about what we all have in common. RIDING ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BEST MOTORCYLE OUT THERE AT THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. KDiezel

    I guess I have thick skin, your post don't bother me.

  9. Squando

    I'm not sure what you're referring to but I'll say it's fine to voice your opinion on things here. "Your bike looks like ^$%$*!" is an insult though, not an opinion. An opinion would be more like, "I don't think I would have added those" or "I like to keep my bike with a cleaner look" or something like that. Just remember, if you can't say something nice...

    However, I am quite offended that you think I might be offended!

  10. 29mige

    If they are asking for your opinion, then give it. Sometimes, we( all of us) have a tendency to give our opinion when no one asked for it. That is when we create ill will. Ride safe and forget about it.

  11. Kremer901

    Anybody spending 15 k on a bike and then a lot more for add ons can do whatever the hell they want too. I think bags and shields werent meant for the raider either but if I didnt ride my Raider from Seattle to Sturgis without them on. And Sugartits looks good with or with out them.

  12. Ghozd608

    Every one has there opinion, likes and dislikes, The best thing to try and do is offer your opinion, with out bashing what somebody else likes. We all love to ride, thats why we take so much pride in our bikes, Its more than a past time, its a way of life for most of us. We all make our bikes to be different, as we all are different. I don't think anybody gets upset with an honest opinion, but when giving it if word it so that it slams there bike, thats where the difference comes into play. I prefer my bike without the windshield, but I do to much long distance riding, that it just makes it more comfortable to have one.

    Red, if you keep an open mind, as most of us try to, you offer your opinion, in a freindly way, and a constructive way. I think everyone would appreciate your opinion. (Note: I am just offering my opinion from your post, I do not know what brought this on?) I know I have read many of your post, and found some very possitive things, and if you are new to riding, I would not have know it until you just said it, as I have even taken some notes (Helpfull notes) of what you have said. I don't always agree with you, but I know that every one does not agree with me either. We all love our bikes, and they are all nice. Keep that in mind and I think whom ever has a problem with your previous post, will forgive and forget!

    My Opinion.

    Ride safe,

  13. viltirizhman

    Hey no worries, I catch shat all the time about my windshield with newly installed drag bars. It's your ride, make it yours Yes?

  14. TrojRaiter

    I am agreeing with Ghost and the others. My bike is mine to do with what I want. Your bike is yours to do with what you want. I may not like what you do to your bike, but I'll try not to slam ya. At least not on purpose.

    I now have a windshield on my bike for the trips to work in the wind and cold. And I will probably put on some small bags for the long trips. But, I am going to make all of this quick removable. I really prefer the Raider without the junk. But for trips ya got to be sensible. But, when I get to the hotel, all of the crap comes off and I can cruise around town on the Raider.

    But then that is just the way I want to do it. Everyone else can do what they want. I may not care for it but, then I don't have to ride it.

    Anyway have fun with your Raider and make it yours!

  15. zaldjtok36

    I know that we don't agree all the time, however, after hearing about how you rode that big bike home with out any motorcycle skills or knowledge, through traffic and all, I know that you might be just as crazy as I am. Now I am not gonna mess with someone like that on purpose. I know that I tend to be smart butt myself and for the purpose of humor I may offend at times. I mostly like to hang out here because you guys a cool bunch of Maniacs that I can relate to.

  16. retzdarraiter

    OK OK now lets just get along

    f'in A HOLES!!

  17. 1Cruizer

    OK OK now lets just get alongf'in A HOLES!!cool:

    I got you Red!

    Why not just get along. Stoppppp the Drama!

  18. matcruser

    apparently some folks here think im a jerk
    You puny little punk a$$ are my problem!!!
    Ok, now let's see if I have properly portrayed my sense of sarcastic humor..........NO WORRIES RED

  19. SLK929

    Gee, now I am confused, does this mean I can't prod red anymore. If so that takes all the fun out of it. Goooollleyy, Red, you and I agree on somethings and on some things and not on others. When you pokes a little at me I likes to poke a little back. If you poke a lot, then I poke back a lot. I thought that was all a part of brotherhood and building relationships. So as for me just keep on pokin that red bare naked fluzzie Raider at me, and will keep pokin my black dressed up gentlemanly Raider back at you. Let us hope the two never get together cause they could breed and come up with some gawdawful spawn.

  20. FinkerTikhd

    You're all a bunch of d**kheads!

    PS - Kremer901, I knwo the Raider is next to Godliness...but walk'n on water? How's she handle the waves?


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