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  1. tunc

    dredgin thru some old threads and saw these

    so where to ya get em

  2. ylzhooder

    I would buy 1

  3. popper19

    I would buy 1
    +1.. those are nice shirts.. maybe someone could come up with a big logo for the back....

  4. fupar

    +1.. those are nice shirts.. maybe someone could come up with a big logo for the back....
    Definitely needs a logo.
    I'd buy a couple.

  5. VzdarManiac

    Anyone want to take a stab at designing a logo? Full Credit on the t-shirts and site.

  6. zhodz

    I've got a pretty good one VzdarManiac. I drew a quick sketch of it so my wife, who is much more artistic than I am, can draw up a good looking version of my idea. I'll scan it or take a pic when it's done, and post it to see what you all think of it.

    Stay tuned.

  7. zhodz

    Ok here's my sketch. My wife is working on a better version, but I figured, if anyone on here is artsy too, they can give it a whirl. Well that's assuming they want to use this idea.

    Anyway. The "YMF" characters actually make up the motorcycle. The text "YAMAHAMOTORCYCLEFORUM" sits directly below it to form the "road" that oval man is driving on.

    The problems I see with my sketch are that the rider (I've been calling him "oval man"), has to have a really long arm to reach the far handlebar. I was also thinking about making the "Y" a lower case "y" so the bottom of it tilts away from oval man a little more, much like our forks do. Like I said, this was a rough sketch so my wife, could try to make me a better version, so if anyone wants to make some improvements on it, let me know what you've got.

    Alright, here's my sketch already...

  8. tunc

    tell the truth you stole that off the kids

    good idea though keep at it
    my idea is na wont work

  9. ylzhooder

    My idea would be to use the header of this web site. maybe just condense it down a little. Some thing along the lines of this

  10. tunc

    okay i'll chuck mine in

  11. Hunejpe1

    Are we going to be able to vote on which design we like best? Or maybe a combination?

  12. tunc

    dont know maybe ask VzdarManiac
    i think they just tryin to get input dont think anything is set in stone

  13. ylzhooder

    so far I like the one tunc came up with.

  14. tunc

    or maybe this to replace that scroll thing on the back

    hey wait till a few more chuck there designs up a lot more cleverer people out there than me
    wonder if i should t.m. them

  15. fupar

    okay i'll chuck mine in
    How about we use tunc's idea for the front of the shirt, (remove the long title, and leave only the YMF letters) and add a small logo of the yammie badge on the upper left portion of the shirt.

    Not both of these badges, either one or the other. Where it says DRAGSTAR, we change that to read V STAR, ROAD STAR, RAIDER, etc. Even though we would have different bike model names on the logo, you could tell that we are still united by having the YMF on the front and the full website call-out on the back of the shirt.

    On tunc's last design, we could always replace the "V" with the star portion of the logo.

    I know that this is a crappy drawing, but I'm just trying to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Of course, we'd need a straighter, cleaner, and probably larger logo, but y'all get the idea.

  16. tunc

    thanks fupar need to throw few ideas around
    said mine wasn't the answer but more ideas the better
    must be someone here thats better asrtisticlly talented

  17. zhodz

    tell the truth you stole that off the kids .......
    Dang you caught me. LOL.

    Hey fupar, I like the idea for the badge style logo under the YMF letters for the front. I like both of the round logo ideas for the back (with full call out of the site).

    Come on you crafty people, what else do you other folks have?

  18. tunc

    here ya go fupar

    is this what you had in mind

    yeh CAUGHT zhodz but ya kids got the talent keep em on to it

  19. VzdarManiac

    Dang this is cool. I really like oval man, there is just something about it..........IT'S DIFFERENT!!!!

    What I would like todo is replace the banner up top. Actually redo it 100% due to a few facts that don't belong in there. Let's get that done, then move on to the shirts.

  20. fupar
    # this what you had in mind...
    You got the talent, tunc.
    I'm no artist, never claimed to be. But you make the logo look good.


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