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  1. tunc

    How many of you users ever visit the YMF home page
    Heated jacket?

    or do you go to the forum page only

  2. quicgmicg

    I voted for both tunc, but I usually hit the forum page 10 to 1 over the homer page.

  3. Goadlocger69

    There's something on the homepage???

  4. tunc

    was last time i looked anyway

  5. wforider62

    It's easy for me to say, but if it changed up more,probably would spend more time there.
    But it is my first stop.

  6. JustDave

    I guess I knew that there was a home page but after registering I have never been there. I will visit it now.

  7. wforider62

    tunc could we discuss new ideas to have on the front page?

  8. BikRet

    Guilty, I just jump right to the forum. I start at the home page, but I just sail right into my user cp, I usually don't scroll down past BOTM well because I didn't realize there was anything else down there.

  9. yaro

    I'm always sign in on home computer, so it takes me directly to forum page. The only time I see a home page is when I'm signing in again [after clearing cookies] or from public computers.

  10. micg10

    the homepage is more for attracting new members isn't it?
    for the rest of us it's more like the gardens in front of our homes, we know it's their but don't pay any attention to it until we have too!

  11. tunc

    tunc could we discuss new ideas to have on the...

    discuss away with ideas

  12. tartantyger97

    Haven't been to the homepage since I registered, at the moment, don't see any reason why I should go back. It would be nice to see some useful links there, but then, who's going to define useful?...

  13. wforider62

    For me I would like to see Moto GP and World Super bike results.

    Maybe a monthy "How To" tuff to do with all different bikes.

    Articles on riding safe urban riding??

    Maybe a vender monthly special?
    Special ride reports???

    A adventure section for new Tenera ( sp) bike owners.

    Motorcycle cartoon?

    Featured tune up videos

    Will think of more...I understand they all take a lot of work


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