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  1. tunc

    vstarmaniac has got a app going now for the forum for your phones

    thru tapatalk
    for those who are into that

  2. obxfshr58

    for iphone?

  3. hoodiaweight661

    for iphone?...

    iPhone and Android... Search the app store for tapatalk.

    I've been using it for a year now on other forums. Guess I got lucky on the timing, because it was a search on Tapatalk that lead me to this forum earlier today.

  4. obxfshr58

    Just downloaded on iPhone and iPad. Great app.

  5. tunc

    so how many more are using this feature on there phone

  6. obxfshr58

    Ive been using it on and off on my iphone and ipad. Good app.

  7. Nade

    it's 2bucks.

  8. hoodiaweight661

    it's 2bucks....

    I could have sworn there used to be a free version, at least for Android... I'm not finding it now though. I bought the paid version a while ago because I use it for a few other forums I'm on.

  9. crberrjman

    I could have sworn there used to be a free...

    I downloaded the "convo" app, which is a free version of tapatalk.


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