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Yamha 1100 custom will not hold idle

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  1. m8drix15

    I have a 2007 Yamaha 1100 custom that I changed the pipes and tank on last year. Actually switched tanks with a friend who had an awesome custom paint job on his '03. Anyway, I had moved and the bike sat for about a year before I just tried to start her up. I charged the battery because it died, but the bike will not stay started without the choke all the way out. I can get it to mid way once running for a while, but any further it just stalls. The pipes "pop" and when I try to get her in 1st gear she stalls. I did have the carb jetted when I got the pipes on a year ago. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  2. MichaelW283

    How is the vacuum advance hose? Mine was completely rot through (2007 also) when the service guys said I need to have my bike re-jetted. I decided not to have the re-jet performed and I spent some time inspecting the bike when I found my hose just barely hanging on. Fixed my decel pops and idling issues for less than 10 bucks and a trip to the store to get new hose and some really small hose clamps.

  3. wzdartan

    Try running some Seafoam through the carbs. Was fuel left in the tank and carbs while the bike was left sitting? If it was, you will want to drain/flush the system, and replace the fuel filter. Then add the Seafoam to fresh gas and run it through the carbs. It sounds like you have some junk in your carbs. Worst case, you may have to disassemble and clean the carbs. Good luck!

  4. poppj

    Sounds like a job for seafoam.....b


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