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Yamaha XT 250 - 17hk to 22hk?

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  1. Ldapreports

    Hey YMF's

    My dad just gave me my first motorcycle. A Yamaha XT 250 90'. I live in DenMarg were there is restrictions for new riders under the age of 21 so 33hk is the maximum legal amount of power i can ride.

    Anyway i notices that XT 250's from around 90 only have 17hk while older versions like from 80' have 22hk. But the motor is still the same. So there must be something that makes it having only 17hk.
    Anyone knows what i can do to give the bike its original horsepower? It would be much apreciated


    PS. sorry for my (maybe) not so good english. English is not the native language in my country so my writing is probably not entirely correct, but i suppose it is readable


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