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Yamaha V star 950 good mileage!

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  1. ERICO95

    I freakin love my Vstar 950, perfect power, and checked my milage today, 57 miles per gallon! I drive 70 and excellerate fairly hard, but it is mostly highway miles. Does anyone else get that great of gas milage?

  2. TheGoltj

    If you're riding at 70 on the speedometer, yeah, you'll get that kind of mileage out of it. That's because you're actually going about 63mph, presuming your speedometer is like most of them, mine included. At "lower" speeds, these bikes will get phenomenal mileage.

  3. bevo844

    when mine was still stock with just a windshield on it, i was only getting about 48mpg. now i get about 38mpg. i ride hard

  4. Logosexat79

    If you're riding at 70 on the speedometer, yeah, you'll...

    I am not sure about the speedo error. I have ridden with a number of guys now and have asked how fast we were travelling, we have all been going the same speed as per the speedo

  5. ccbnom

    260 Miles last week end 57 MPG, riding 55 to 70. Checked my gauge against other bikes I ride with & it's right on, guess I got lucky (unless all there bikes are off)

  6. FretReit

    260 Miles last week end 57 MPG, riding 55 to...

    This was discussed at length some time ago. The consensus is that the speedo on all bikes are off. I have also checked a few bikes of different manufacturers myself. Why this was designed this way remains a mystery.

  7. ccbnom

    My Royal Star was 3 MPH off (less) at 70. Voyager was right on at 70, Virago 1100 was right on at 70 also

  8. recumpendpop

    I am not sure about the speedo error. I have...

    Check it with a GPS, our 950 is 5 MPH off and my Kawasaki is 5 MPH off.
    70 MPH is really 65 MPH ect. It is 5 MPH off all across the board.

  9. Andrea

    From what I have researched - just about all motorcycles have an inaccuracy built into their speedos from the factory. I'm thinking that it may have something to do with liability?? Maybe the manufacturers don't want the possibility of a lawsuit if someone gets hurt and they were actually going faster than they thought due to an inaccurate speedo?

    It really bugged me on my other bike (Suzuki M90) so much (it was about 7% off) that I bought a Speedo-healer ( and added the 7% correction to make my speedo dead-on accurate

    I took the Speedo-healer off my M90 and just have to buy a new plug n' play wiring connector when I get the 950.

    Here's an interesting article on the speedo inaccuracy:

  10. Rop123

    I just either maintain the same speed as traffic or (when not around traffic) I ride 5 mph faster than doing so, I'm usually always moving at the legal limit.

  11. TheGoltj

    My speedometer, based on my GPS, is 10% off across the board. Makes for easy math to figure my true speed.

  12. recumpendpop

    I just either maintain the same speed as traffic or...

    That's what I do too. Knowing the speedo is 5 MPH fast doesn't take and Einstein to figure out your actual speed.

  13. Rop123

    Yep exactly!.....It's no big deal to calculate a simple percentage in my head while riding.....but why?, I'm having too much fun JUST riding.

  14. obxfshr58

    I'm glad that article was posted. Now I can "prove" to my wife that I'm not full of crap when I tell her I'm not going what the speedo says. She just simply can't believe that motorcycle companies would make bikes with an inaccurate speedometer. I know, I know...

  15. bry1609

    just checked mine and on this last tank i got 53 mpg but it is still fairly new. I just broke 600 miles. i am going on a trip this week end that is about 165 miles one way so i will check it again then.

  16. char50

    I filled up yesterday took 2 gallons and had 117 miles thats 58.5 miles per gallon and thats about what I normally get, but I dont ride hard .
    Speed ranges 35 to 65.

  17. 488tman

    I get around 57 most of the time and yes my speedo is off too. I went through one of those this is your speed things at 40mph and it said I was doing 36.

  18. lem23

    I averaged a bit over 50mpg riding 2 up with a couple dufflebags on the back rack for a 300 mile trip... I was impressed, speed ranged from 50-85 on the speedo, mostly around 75. I know these averages are not the most accurate considering the size of tank but I fill mine visually to the same spot on the tank, the only thing that can really change how much is in it is how level the ground im sitting on it

  19. ylvrikhd

    My bike gets great gas mileage when ridden 60 or less on the speedo like on two lane back roads. I have gone to 210 miles before the yellow light comes on. When riding freeway speeds it will come on at around 160 miles. Makes a big difference in how you ride. Range is usually between 50 and close to 60 MPG. I couldn't be happier with the fuel mileage.

  20. yhoower

    What the heck! I never realized that the 950 came with a speedometer. I'll have to check that out the next time I ride. LOL


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