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  1. ed22

    Hello everyone

    Im Eric from Largo,Fl and i currently ride a 2004 Nomad. The
    Yamaha Raider S has caught my eye. Wow what a bike! Yesterday
    looked at one (blue) ,i like the red though.
    Im 6'3 215 lbs sat in seat seemed confortable.
    I allways have been used to a windshield and one of my
    questions would how much will it take away from the look.

    It will be a completely new type of riding for myself and
    i need some feed back from raider owners and other yamaha
    I would still like to take 450 mile day rides . Do you think
    it will work?
    ET 43

  2. Jonezpoj

    Welcome to the site there's a lot of info on the Raider here. Look at the Wind Vest, not a full blown windshield, but will nock the wind off the chest....Red is......


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