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Yamaha Elite Open House!

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  1. yzcoodermac

    Just wanted to say that the idea about accidently on purpose leaving the door open was an excellent idea.After reading some of the post I want to say that I apologize about getting a little teeded about the idea.You guys truly are the cream of the crop.Id like to thank all of you guys for allowing this site to be, and everything everyone has to offer.Ive learned a lot from you guys.All of you "Elite"have a big thanks from me.Mikey your not so bad either.
    The only thing I wish we had was some type of Knowledge base like is on the V star 1100 site although I understand this is a Yamaha site,and that would be a little difficult.Just my 2 cents worth.Thanks guys !

  2. Jonezpoj

    Thanks for the kind words MaC. Just like when I was a kid at the county fair, always trying to look under that certain tent...........


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