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WTB::: carb cover bracket

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  1. stevelittle

    Any one have a carb cover bracket that will fit an 05 custom

  2. zcookiewzdar

    what excatly are you talking about? a pic would help. is it a stock part?

  3. stevelittle

    Yes it is a stock part. Left side of bike bolted to carbs, some kind of cover, stock or after Marget, is bolted to it.

  4. retzdaret

    I assume it's an 1100.

  5. stevelittle

    OH yep guess i could have put that in there

  6. stevelittle

    still looking for one..........

  7. quicgmicg

    Here is a picture of what Steve is looking for. There is no reference number in the diagram but parts 60-78-79 80 all bolt to it. It holds the plastic carb cover on the left side of the engine.

    This will either help or confuse the heck out of everybody....

  8. stevelittle

    Hey thanks Mick....Didn't confuse me but had carbs of 6 times so far so i should know the part numbers by heart


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