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WTB: 950-Mustang Seat Set w/Driver's Backrest

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  1. Rop123

    Looking to buy a Mustang Seat Set w/Driver's Backrest for my my Mustang 950 Seat Set that doesn't have the backrest for a set that does.

  2. TheGoltj

    Good luck finding a used one, Rob. This is my first Mustang with a backrest and I won't get a seat without one again.

  3. Rop123

    Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with my Mustang seat set w/o the backrest.

    I just was wondering if there was anyone out there that wanted to either sell theirs with the backrest OR who wanted to trade for one.

    But if not, I'm still very happy with the one I have.......but it never hurts to ask.


  4. NplosionE

    I am going the fully custom seat route and I am looking to sell my Mustang seat with a backrest.

  5. Rop123

    If it's in great condition and IF it has the passenger seat, driver's seat and the drivers backrest (Mustang # 79571 for the Yamaha 950).....

    Then I'm much?

  6. mac13k

    The Grasshopper backrest was one if the first things I got for my bike when I bought it last fall. Last time I had a bike, I had a backrest on it too and I knew as soon as I started riding again that I needed one for the 950T to avoid slouching. Along Nov timeframe I sent my seat and the backrest off to Mean City Cycles for the double decker memory foam upgrade because it was less than a third of the cost of a Mustang. While the modded seat is definitely more comfortable than it was with the stock foam, I didn't get as dramatic an improvement as I'd hoped and not nearly the improvement that owners of a Mustang claim. Part of me now wishes I'd just waited and gotten a Mustang. Of course having never sat on one, I'm not really sure what I'm missing, but maybe that's a good thing because at this point I'd have a much harder time justifying to the wife the need for an entirely different seat.

  7. Rop123

    BOUGHT ONE........thanks!


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