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WTB: 1300 airbox

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  1. VTvinChic

    Anybody who changed their airbox out for the TAK or other, please let me know! I want to try the 72-hole mod, but want a backup box to which I can revert if needed. Just need the black rear part.

    Mod Goddess at Play!

  2. MorkKW

    Have you found the air box you need?

    By the way, and just curious......who came up with the "72" hole idea?? I ask only because the original template having been used by so many riders has 144 holes on the front side of the box: 24 rows with 6 holes per row, with the holes being 1/8" diameter. It's also a great recommendation to include half this many (72) on the rear side of the box. Some riders have opted to use 3/16" holes on the front side, providing a 50% increase in potential air volume while still posing no issues if one encounters a big downpour during a a ride.

    Stay well.

  3. donjy

    Morg what will the air box mod do for the bike? I have added a roadhouse slip on and a dyna jet power commander and I really don't see a difference yet. I love the roadhouse sound and thats all I can say. Help me understand.

  4. ctok711

    If you've got the money then skip the drilling and buy a will instantly feel a very nice boost in power.........the drilling, at least for me, made almost no difference at've already got the pipe and Fuel manager, if u get a TAK then you will be all grins when you hit the throttle


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