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  1. drcruizer

    Hey Folks,

    My wife is interested in the 08 Star 1100 Custom. Instead of asking a zillion questions, I figured this would sum it all up.

    If you had it to do all over again, would you still have purchased the 1100?



  2. PTEWELL146

    I love my 1100, but I haven't had the experience of riding a lot of bikes. I have ridden quite a few harleys and crotch rockets, and I find this size just right for me. I hate a really heavy bike and the 1100 is a very comfortable size bike. If I had to change anything, I would have rather had a fuel injected bike rather than carburated, just personal preference.

  3. yerzejricg

    This is my first street bike. It's a great bike. Plenty of power for single or two up riding. However, being 6'4" and 250lbs, I find it on the small side for me. Plus I can only take it for an hour at a time even with the Mustang seat and gel pad. I'm going to be buying a RSTD or Venture sometime this year. It's bigger and longer and from what I read and hear, it is way more comfy for the long runs and has all the bells and whistles.

    So think about what kind of riding you will be doing and what size you are and how much you want to spend. That's all the advice I can give you. Good Luck...

  4. gimpec

    I am a female who started riding last year. My first bike was the 2007 V-star 1100 custom. I love my bike. I am 5'6" and am flat footed on the bike, it is also not too heavy for me to maneuver (backing, parking). The only thing my hubby has done was to loosen the handlebars and pull them back for me a bit as my arms were stretched & giving me a little elbow pain on longer rides. Now that this is adjusted back I am not having any problems.

  5. wzdar6

    if i could have a do-over i'd get the roadstar. just as many extras available and more power. the passenger back rest on the RS leans back too far, don't like the look and am sure the wife wouldn't like it either. that's the only negative i know of.

  6. Bulltok


  7. quicgmicg

    I'd do it again without hesitation! For my type of riding, there isn't anything better. Reasons?

    1.) It's air cooled - that is just COOL
    2.) It's been around in the same form for 10 years! Timeless design
    3.) It's a very well balanced bike
    4.) You can turn it into anything you want as far as customizing. There are a BILLION aftermarket parts out there.
    5.) It's very well made and dependable

    I've ridden a lot of bikes out there and there are a lot of great ones. But there are not many in the V Star price range and depending on the type of riding (long distance - short distance etc) the 1100 is a good fit for anything except maybe a real long rides. I think I'd get a Royal Star for that.....

    Get her the 1100..... it's a great bike

    BTW...welcome aboard!!!

  8. Snufftokk

    I have an 07 1100 silverado. If I could do it over and will be soon, I will get the roadstar. Just too much maintenance on the 1100 for me. I prefer FI over carbs and I like the seats better. The 1100 is a very well balanced bike though.

    Ride Safe

  9. Tacgtriwer

    Its my first bike and I love it. I am 6'0" at about 240.....headed toward 200.
    The only thing I wish it had was a dang fuel gauge or idiot light.
    But I just spent the afternoon "personalizing".
    Its becoming a part of me and it didnt break the bank to do it.

    V Star 1100 Silverado, 2005.

  10. vgink18054

    if something happened to my bike today. I would buy a 1100 just like the one i have now. i love this bike

  11. kamezbanger

    My bike is SWEET. I love my bike, I just feel a little bit too big for it. The bike had plenty of power, it is just the size of the bike (it is lowered which makes it feel just a little smaller.) I don't think the Roadstars feel that much bigger either as far as the body of the bike. It is a sweet bike and should fit your wife fine. I think that she will be happy with it. My next bike will probably be the RSTD.

  12. bazdorrop1

    If I had it to do over, I would have bought a Road Star. But if it was my wife, I'd probably be leaning toward the 1300.

  13. kamezbanger

    6 out of 11 v-star 1100 owners said they may choose a different bike and most were because of the size of the bike. Hmmm..very interesting. My buddy has a roadstar and it doesnt feel that much bigger...I think it is 4 inches longer. N-E way. Good topic and good question.

  14. kman

    The 1100 may be fine for the wife, but as you noticed many wish they had gotten a bigger bike.

  15. N2cr7zharg

    I wrecked mine a few weeks back and since they were putting in a new frame I used it as an excuse to trade her in for an upgrade. Basically, the 1100 was great. It had a few quirks (on mine) that I didn't like. IE: Hard start issue with the carbs which made me really wish I had FI. But the main thing was size. I'm a hefty fella and the bike was just a bit 'small' for me. It was my starter bike last year and like most people who buy the 750 then outgrow it, I outgrew the 1100. I just picked up a 1300 and it fits me soooo much better. But... it has its own quirks too...LOL

  16. ironbonj

    I just put a deposit on a 2007 V Star Custom & it just stuck out to me & fitted my size & riding needs.
    I am of a small frame 5' 6 " , 143 lbs. ,the bike is just a good fit & look for me.
    No complaints on the power either.
    Best wishes on finding your wife a nice bike.

  17. rzchafer2

    I love my 1100. It handles very well and looks great. My only complaint is the need to remove the pipes to change the oil filter, but that can be remedied with a relocation kit. Otherwise, great bike.


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