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  1. Sitevalg

    Well, I hope you do make it out here. We can ride down to the Mexican border for pictures, and if things work out all right I may be able to ride up the coast with you for a while. I have a sister in the San Francisco bay area, and I haven't been through Big Sur since 2004. That is a sweet ride once you clear LA going north.

    I'll be up in the Twin Cities in very early June on my way back from the east coast (Going on the "Run For The Wall" La to DC for Memorial Day.) It would be fun to meet.

    We've got some time to think about that.


  2. Nade

    i hope i make it also. nice ride in between here and there and your right, once north of LA on PCH it's gorgeous. i used to go to Santa Barbara once a month when i lived in Anaheim. i was in the Navy Reserve there, then i was stationed in Concord for a couple years, and Alameda for a couple years. i never did get to ride PCH North of S/Barbara tho. i would like to have. my oldest Daughter lives in Frisco now so we could defiNadely stop there. it's early stages of the plan tho so we shall see.

    when in early June are you coming thru? i will be riding to South Carolina the week of Memorial day. i will be home on or around June 7th. this is going to be my first long ride ever. i'm super excited. i'm talking to as many people on here as i can about the trip from here to S/C. i want to do the Dragon Tail for sure but also want to ride a bunch of Mountain roads. any trip tips are welcome if you have some.

    i read a little about the "Run For The Wall". is this your first time?

  3. Sitevalg

    Yes, this my first Run For The Wall run, the ride is in it's 22nd year. The Rolling Thunder event with 500,000 bikes threading through Washington DC is on Sunday May 30th, the grand finale for the RFTW. We will head toward Minnesota on Monday the 31th. I'll be with a small group of at least 4, maybe more if some Minnesota/ Wisconsin riders want to go as a group.

    That sounds like you will be coming the other way. We will have to exchange cell numbers and see if we can meet up in the midst of our two trips!

    Travel tips? Oooooo yeah! I camp, and have quite a few things I've learned mostly the hard way. What is your over-all plan?

  4. Nade

    where can i get a tent that is small enough yet nice and easy to set up? same question with the sleeping bag, where can i get a small enough one? what gear do you bring with? how do you figure out how far to travel and do you make reservations? if you make reservations how do you find the places to camp at? KOA? are there other camping places besides KOA?

    and then trivia: where do you usually ride? camp? this is your fist Wall trip but do you ride east at all? east further then Az or Co?

    and lastly,,,, in your experience what have i forgotten to ask?



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