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  1. JuzdSdewe

    Help me make a decision as to where to ride to fairly soon.
    MOmma doesn't wanna do the superior/duluth cruise (too cold for her, she says), and we're saving going out east again until our HD riding buds can do it ( probably in July), then it'll be Door county for 4-5 days.
    Sooooooooo, until then, I either gotta go west, or south. BUT where to go?
    Been down the river so many times it's getting to be old. Prescott/redwing/hastings/meisville, etc, etc, etc. Hell, the cruise to winona/Lacrosse is even getting old hat.
    We need to know where we can cruise to for an overniter or 2, and be scenic and NOT 4 laner highways.

    Any ideas where it's cool to ride?

    Thanks in advance for any replies/ideas.

  2. blendjodaddooz

    When I took my trip to South Dakota, one area I thought was nice area was New Ulm, MN. Nice size town on the river and the surrounding area is nice rolling bluffs, and its the home of Schell's Brewery. just my.02

  3. meche

    I just did this on my way back from Fargo. It was a good time. There IS gravel to be avoided between Montevideo and Redwood falls.

    Also, check this site out.

  4. Nade

    hello JuzdSdewe.

    i see you wanted new area's to ride. still want suggestions? you ever been to the place where the Mississippi begings? Itasca State Park. gorgeous ride up and back. i'm from around there. i live in Saint Paul now but ride up a lot.

  5. JuzdSdewe

    Nade, ALWAYS looking for something new/somewhere new to ride to.
    Any suggestions area always enjoyed!!!!


  6. gyohnzon

    As I read the first part of the thread, Itasca came to mind immediately.....soooo what Nade said ++! Itasca State Park is well worth your trip. If you plan to camp, you may want to check on reserving a site. It's just beautiful!

  7. cfinn1187

    DefiNadely recommend the New Ulm area. Schells Brewery is a MUST see. Pack a lunch and save some of the samples during the tasting and then head out on the patio for lunch and beer. Great place to hang out.

  8. frok

    The southwest of west Aussie is awesome this time of the year....

  9. Nade

    cfinn, i have been thru the New Ulm area and know some of the history but i am wondering what all there is to do around there? it's a nice ride from the Cities for sure, i would love to find some things to do there while in the area.

    frok, if a person were to fly over there is there a tour company that has bikes that you can tour with? Australia is one of my priority country's to visit and tour once i am able to branch out to the over seas country's.

  10. frok

  11. Nade

    Thanks frok.

    good prices too. i like the Rocket III of course.

  12. Sitevalg

    Yeah, I am from San Diego- but I have also helped to control the deer population by car in Minnesota and Wisconsin in years past. For the past few years we have been making a Spring ride out of a trip on the bikes to Bayfield and it's environs. A one day loop from New Richmond, with lunch at Maggie's in Bayfield. Schweeeet!

    Be careful, the venison is abundant from both sides of the road...

  13. JuzdSdewe

    Trust me when I say I know ALL about the deer population in Wisconsin/Minnesota. I've hit a half dozen in the last 10 years or so with 3 different vehicles, plus my wife was HIT by one in the door (kamikaze deer).

  14. Nade

    wow Sitevalg,,, you from around here? i lived in Anaheim for 15 years but you can't beat the scenery around here. i do miss the ocean tho..... then again,,,, last time i was there you really couldn't enjoy because there were so many cars on the road you had to watch the road

    a few friends here at work ride with me at times and we are talking about a trip to Hayward, Bayfield(i want to float to the island and ride it just to say i have done it), Gooseberry Falls and home. we are planning a 3 day. we don't really kno IF and WHEN yet but should happen this summer. the guys here at work don't like longer then 4-6 hour's of riding at one time. me,,, i am always taking off for the weekend.

  15. Sitevalg

    Yes, I grew up in the Twin Cities (Mahtomedi) and spent 40 years getting to know the area. In 1986 I sold the house, loaded my family into an old motorhome, and we decided to try life in California. Never went back- except to visit.

    In my younger days I had motorcycles and explored just about every road within 200 miles of Mpls/St. Paul. When I go back now it's both nostalgic and new, and a wonderful place to ride. Yet to hit a deer with a bike- but there seem to be so many more of them now. In the old days I think the locals just used them for nutritional supplement to the family food budget. Kept the population in control.

  16. Nade

    i love the lake off 36 and 694 in Mahtomedi(it might not be Mahtomedi but i think it is). if i win the lottery i will buy on there. gorgeous lake.

    i lived in S/D(chula vista) from "78" - "82" while i was in the Navy. my wife is from Bellflower up in L.A. Moved to Fargo for a year and a half and then took my family to Riverside. moved to Anaheim in "86" and stayed there till my company moved us to the Cities in "96".

    i never owned a bike in Cali. wish i did, PCH AND the Mountains are awesome in a car, i imagine on a bike would be much better. i belong to Pashnit also and the pic's on there of the rides on the west coast are awesome.

  17. Sitevalg

    You are not going to believe this, but when you clear the 694/36 interchange and head east toward Stillwater, that lake is one of Minnesota's 91 named "Long Lake." Before the roads and a rail line chopped it up in the early 20th century it was a rather long lake.

    Anyway, as you pass the lake on your left and look up to where you see the power line towers there is a house there that is hard to see. That is where I grew up, my parents built the house in 1947 and lived there until about 2005 when they sold it and moved into a retirement home in North St. Paul. At 95, they are still living there.

    The couple that bought the house lost it, then someone else took it over to remodel for sale as a modern property. I think they went belly-up as well, and the house now stands there gutted and forlorn... if only it could tell the story of a family of 5 kids, dogs, friends and happy Christmases that once flourished there for more than 50 years!

    Hidden in the tall trees behind the house is a tennis court dad had put in in 1959. He loved tennis, and played until he was about 92. Lot's of happy times there too. I accidentally beat him one time- he didn't like that- and he always beat me every other time we played.

    Stop in and take a look. You have to circle in off Hilton Trail, but it is an interesting piece of property. Needs a new owner anyway, who knows?

    Tell anyone you see there you are a friend of Tom Cameron.

  18. Nade

    so you know the lake then. is it as nice as it looks? there is a family that puts one of those trampoline rafts out every year on the east side of the lake that adds to the look of a fun lake.

    hey, maybe this is a sign, because my Daughter live at the apartments almost on the corner of 36/95, i love tennis and i was born in "59"

    i actually will drive by and take a look. like you said, who knows.

    thanks Tom. where about's do you live in San Diego? do you ride alot there? i used to go east on 8 for about 30 miles or so to this one road that heads north into the mountains/hills that i always wanted to ride on a bike through. the winding country road there was awesome. there was a little river that followed the road too. that was a long time ago so the specific's may not be totally accurate.

  19. Sitevalg

    The lake is in a little township called Pine Springs, set up to give the locals the power to protect the area and keep out unwanted development. It is a nice area.

    The lake, however, has had the same problem as so many of those local lakes with Milfoil (sp?) an agressive seaweed that is able to grow even in the deep parts of the lake and then spread out on the surface. I don't know if they have been able to deal with that, but people with waterfront property have to clear it from their swimming areas.

    It would be worth checking into that before you committed to a waterfront property that couldn't be used the way you would expect.

    San Diego's eastern back country is legendary for it's motorcycle roads. I couldn't tell just what road you might be remembering, but there are several that wind their way through the mountains presenting lovely forests and valley vistas- with Indian resort casinos and motorcycle hang-outs scattered all over. It is busy with bikes every nice weekend, and every day in the summer.

    There are so many miles and route choices that even with thousands of bikes running to and fro, there is still a sense of the wild and free. And plenty of people to meet and talk to if you want. I have really never seen the kind of biker you instinctively leave alone out there, if you get my drift.

    If you get out this way we'll round up a bike for you and go check it out! Let me know!

  20. Nade

    i live by lake Phalen if you know where that is and they have milfoil too. it's a big problem here. i have noticed milfoil on that lake. i guess i go by too fast.

    i am in the early stages of planning a Cali ride from here. it SHOULD be next year or the year after. i want to ride the coast from San Diego to Seattle and then back thru the Mountains to Mn. it will be one of those BIGGER rides. IF this happens i will surely look you up. there's a lot of transplants there from here. i have relatives in SD also. LOVE the weather in SD.


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