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Wiring nightmare please help

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  1. ingnponez

    Hello all , I'm new to this forum , working on getting to the bottom of a bit of a wiring nightmare , just kinda wandering if anyone else has seen this before ,

    so I have an 01 V star 1100 custom , this happened suddenly ,
    brake light dropped out all the sudden then flashed a few times while trying to make it home at 1 am ,

    so i had an aftermarket light with no ground never had a prob with it ( lucus style tail light )

    well I took my aftermarket tail light out of the equation connected the stock tail light with the stock connector ( mind you the blinkers have been removed and have been for some time )

    so this is what happens -

    tail light comes on but the brake light will not when the switch is engaged
    also and here's the fun part -
    when the bike is rolling , my speedo / trip meeter works , any switch I engage be it the horn ( also not working ) the clutch the brakes , my speedo dies as does the trip meter until i release said switch ,

    good times huh?

    if anyone has ever seen this or heard of it and has the slightest idea of where i should check please let me know , the only thing i can think of right now is a bad ground but im not so sure its going to be that easy

    Thanks in advance



  2. Vmazder

    I've been an electronic tech for way longer then I care to remember and I'd be willing to bet a bad ground ( broken wire ) is your problem, I have seen this kind of thing hundreds of times. Get out your manual and a multi meter and go to work good luck.

  3. ingnponez

    hey much thanks for the reply , yea thats kinda what i had figured , i traced the loop in the wiring diagram and just about all the switches in question that kill the speedo / trip meter are all on the same circuit and when i do anything to engage that loop thats when it dies , sadly its my only means of transport so ive had to put off tearing into her for a few days until ive got some time off from work , hopefully here in the next day or 2 ill get her torn open and taken care of

    thanks again

  4. ingnponez

    yup..... gotta love them fuses ...

    so figured id post on this in case it happens to anyone else ..

    when your speedo dies out but works when your rolling , check the 10 amp fuse in the separate box near the main fuse box marked " Signal" - funny enough i disconnected my turn signals a long time ago but of coarse the wiring is still there so .. , anyhow though , in the coarse of rigging up a new tail light i popped that little fuse several times ( ground issues ) and the symptom was the same every time so it's pretty easy to identify when you know what to look for,
    so here's the gist of it ,
    If your tail light stays on and the brake light won't engage , and your trip mileage won't display unless your rolling .. and while rolling the speedo and the mileage go dead when you engage any switch like the horn brake ect... yea if that happens check that signal switch ,

    whats sad is i looked at it when it first happened and though .. "nahh i don't even have signals anymore couldn't be that..." never think just do ... damn thoughts never get me anywhere

    keep the rubber side down -


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