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  1. anthraxity826

    Friends....I am currently deciding on what brand of windshield to get for my bike. I am now pondering the Sportech.....but
    Could you guys give me some more ideas of other brands out there that really look great on our 950's?
    Looks like I will need to get the medium height size.
    Thanks so much

  2. zerolimit99

    Paul - IMHO, I really like the quick release OEM from Yamaha. It's tall, but I really like the fact that I can pop it off whenever i want :-)

  3. anthraxity826

    zerolimit99...I really love the looks of the Yamaha windshields with the quick release mounts....may eventually go that way but I think they are alittle bit pricey for my budget right now.

  4. recumpendpop

    Look in the Hock Shop section; there is a 950 windshield for sale there right now.

  5. anthraxity826



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