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  1. cebheuz1

    Out of curiosity, what's everyone's feeling about the proper "height" for a windshield (ie, how high in comparison with eye level should it be)?

    I have a 2005 650 Silverado with the stock windshield, which at my size (6' tall) the top ends up being a bit below eye level. Yesterday I was riding on the highway and took a rock in the face. I wear a full helmet with face shield, so all it did was nick the shield. I had hoped the windshield would afford some protection, but that was a bit of a wake up call, and I'm thinking I might ditch the plans I was making to get a half helmet and goggles, the rock would have brained me between the two of them given where it hit the face shield *lol*.

  2. Jonezpoj

    I like to look about 2" over while riding. You can always duck down if needed, but a real pain to sit bolt upright to see over if it gets krungy.......

  3. Hacgzav

    Agree with Jonezpoj.

    I have a Switchblade 2-up (21" I think), and when I ride through fog, it's can be distracting to look through a fogged up windshield.

    Most everyone I have asked have told me to get a windshield that you can see over without stretching.

    I will probably get the shorter Switchblade (19"?) next year for when I ride alone.


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