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windshield for 1300?

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  1. ybovell

    Before I bought my 1300 I tried the touring model with the windshied. The worst buffeting I have ever experienced. Want a GOOD windshield. Anyone know of any? And the next question is a longshot. Has anyone had experiece with the Corbin fairing? Thanks.

  2. pikzhavn

    I'm running the Memphis Shades Fats 19 incher, it's pretty decent.

  3. dos

    I think that because of the design, the V-Star 1300 will almost always need lowers to compensate the windshield to be 100% satisfied.

  4. ylzhooder

    I use the Memphis Sade Big Shot Sports Shield. It's 21" and has a gradient colour. I think it looks great on my bike.

  5. cbdklowal

    I think that because of the design, the V-Star 1300...

    Everything I hear about the bike confirms this. I ride shieldless and don't have that problem.

  6. GASdar

    I have the Memphis Shades 21" black gradient windshield with matching black lowers. With windshield tilted all the way back to match the fork angle, all upper buffeting is eliminated. The lowers stopped most of the wind coming up from around the tank. The little bit of wind I still get is not objectionable.

  7. Driwetapisnezz

    I have the MS batwing fairing. Before that, I started with the stock tall windshield and even after I gave it the "Chazer" tilt I got buffeted. So then I added HD lowers ...and it was good. But I couldn't see over the WS in the rain.

    Then I swapped the stock tall for a stock medium with a random guy who saw my bike at the Yammie dealer. Could see over the top and with the lowers, it was good (but not great in terms of buffeting).

    Then I got the batwing and put it on the bike. I was so excited that I hopped on for a ride...and got buffeted pretty bad. Then I brought it home, adjusted the gap between the fairing and the head light and (DOH!) took 2 minutes to install the lowers I got with the fairing but neglected to install in my lust to try it out. So then I got back out on the road AND IT WAS VERY GOOD.

    I have the PCS potato chip seat - so I'm lower than stock. and I'm 5'10" - so with a 9-inch windshield, I could probably stand to go another 2 inches higher and still be able to see over it (which would probably reduce/eliminate head buffeting altogether)


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