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Windshield and Interstate riding

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  1. quicgmicg

    I'd like to get a small shield if they actually work.Do they make a small shield I could pop on and off? Or can anyone recommend a decent half helmet that doesn't feel like it want to go flying off during hwy speeds.Doesn't have to be DOT approved either.Thanks
    A small shield, when properly set up, will help out a little with the wind pressure against your body.

  2. kprovn31

    Just for grins, I decided to buy a set of the chrome Yamaha lowers. Well, like konecambin said "it's like riding a different bike"! I can't believe how nice it is. I haven't taken it up on the interstate yet, but I ran at 65 on a local 4 lane today and it felt like I was riding in a Cadillac compared to what it was. Thanks for all of the advice!
    I took it for a 40 mile run on the interstate today cruising at 75 and taking it up to 80 a couple of times. It was smooth and I was very comfortable. I'm ready for a road trip now!

  3. tunc

    glad it worked for you and you got out to ride
    now get that road trip planned



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