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Wide White Walls or Redline Tires

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  1. dei3rn

    I'm looking for some wide white walls or redline tires. I've searched thru all of the tire posts but I can't find mention of any online sites that have the best prices. Does anyone know which sites have the best prices and service for either wide white walls or red line tires?


  2. MigejCojode

    metzler makes a wide whitwall in a 180 for the rear that fits fine. They also have www to fit the front.

  3. Suzhipiger

    Dude, I love your bike. The near-flat black is exactly what I'm going with. That thing would look great with some black powder coat pipes or better chrome pipes with some of the other silver blacked out.

  4. dei3rn

    Thanks...I really like the wrapped pipes. I was thinking about wrapping them with the black wrap. Some of the other chrome will be blacked out in the future.

  5. VTvinChic

    go for the redline. I saw a company that made red, yellow & white tire paint just for that purpose. This isn't the place, but still rather neat:

    Ah.. Summit Racing sells it:

  6. popper19

    Mine are Dunlop WWWs. Not sure where I got them, somewhere online. Just gotta shop around, as they kinda flip flop on low prices...

  7. dhaiz7n

    Sorry to go off topic....but can you tell me more about your paint job. Did you do it? What did you use?

    Again...sorry to go off topic.

  8. dei3rn

    no the paint was already on there when I got it. it's just flat black though. nothing special.


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