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  1. dos

    I have a V-Star 1300 Tourer. Its a great bike and I like it but I am getting the itch to sell it and buy something else. A bike that I am seriously considering is a Road Star. Although the 1300 is a good bike, there are certainly a few, very few, bad things about the bike, i.e., the clunk. My question to you Road Star riders is, what are the things about the Road Star that irk you, that need to be modified, etc.? Anything about this bike that makes you wish you had bought something else?

  2. yohntoe1

    well i gotta tell ya ,i love this 06 roadstar 1700.and i rode them all over the years .
    started with the vstar 650 ,road that near 2 years.wanted more .
    traded up to the vstar 1100 classic .modded it ,pipes,air,ect,ect...rode that near 4 years .2 up on the 1100 was lacking in my book.i wanted more .

    i just kinda lucked into the roadstar ,it was sitting at the dealers when i went there for a tire change on the was beautifull.a 06 roadstar midnight silverado minus the shield and bags.

    i was shocked when i returned a couple weeks later and it was still there .since i had bought my 1100 new at that dealer i went in to "my " salesman and said i want it .lets make it happen.

    he gave me a good price on a low mile bike(2300)for 7600.00.
    gave me 5k on my 10,000 mile trade in .couple weeks later it was mine ,title and all.

    theres not much i dont love about it .tons of torque,tons of chrome.leaps and bounds ahead the 1100 vstar i had .

    the 1100 felt like it was struggling at 70mph,revs were pretty high .2 up was terrible.

    now the roadstar with its pushrod engine is great .2 up is great ,i dont even feel her back there like i did on the just goes and goes.

    pulls hills great too.i can get 70-80 in 3rd gear without hitting the rev limiter .
    not that i drive that fast but we all like that rush now and then .

    it doesnt like to lag thats for sure .cruising on the highway it feels comfortable at 70mph and i find myself cruising at that speed alot .

    at 70mph it feels like its just comfy there,theres plenty of throttle left .

    oil changes are easy ,it has a spin on/off filter .no buying a oil filter relo kit ...its on there from factory.

    if i had a quirk i would say it can sound like a sewing machine at times .its just mechanical noise but thats what it sounds like .that sound would be amplified with a shield .i dont run one .

    watch out for the front drive pulley nut coming loose,hasnt happened to me yet but has to a few .i think the newer roadstars have already addessed that issue .

    some the older ones had some tranny recalls.04 and up should be ok.

    i just lucked into my roadstar .i started reading after i bought it and found out how loved they are .

    do it and never look back again .you wont be sorry.

    with full yamaha longshots ,yamaha big air kit and yamaha jets my roadie pulled 69 horse on the dealers dyno.

    ok i,m

  3. Jonezpoj

    Had an 1100 and 1300 Royal V4. The 1100 to buzzy at Hwy speeds, the Royal's clutch whine drove me nuts. I like the Roadie because it's more like a raw motorcycle should be with loud pipes on it.....LOL

    The only irk I have is the wimpy starter wire system, too light so I'm going with the cable system from MaxxAir, other than that love it.

  4. yajare

    Agree with what has already been said. Love the bike and will probably buy another when the time comes.

  5. FrozdjPederz

    If you want reason not to buy I would say the noise the engine makes. If it will bother you everytime you start it up to hear a sewing machine noise then don't get it. If you think that you will run to the forums everytime a newly discovered noise pops up don't get it. There is a good youtube video I recommend you watch called "Noise a Roadstar makes". It may sound like the noises bother me but I have learned to live with it and almost love it.

  6. Shebhertezz

    I may get banished from the kingdom for this but my husband sold his 1300T this year and moved to a sport touring bike, Kawasaki Concours 1400. But he wanted a totally different style for more power, smoothness, leaning on corners, etc. Not sure if that's something you might consider.

    I sat on a Road Star at the bike show and was sruprised that the RS was very easy to heft considering it's size. I thought, "hummm, if I ever do trade up.....". It's certainly a beautiful bike!

  7. cowenandranch

    The best reason I can think of to not get a Roadstar, is the Stratoliner.

  8. yajare

    If you want reason not to buy I would say...

    What noises?............................... I don't hear no stupid noises....

  9. hik4z

    I have a V-Star 1300 Tourer. Its a great...

    I won't say anything specifically bad about the Road Star, just that I had a liquid cooled bike, switched back to an air cooled bike, and while I liked the bike, I realized I disliked the air cooled engine. So now I'm back on a liquid cooled bike.

  10. BuppaKahuna

    I love mine. My wife did notice that it's so long that when sitting on the back seat she can hardly reach me from the backrest. The Roadstar has a looong frame. Not much of an issue for my wife though since she rides her own bike & might be on the back of mine a couple times a year at most.

    - JJ

  11. THUNDER160

    I have an 00 silverado, Have had it since 01,have 54,000 on it only thing I have done is change oil when needed and brake pads and battery, very good bike, would get on it today and go across the U.S. and would not think twice....

  12. SvambSdar

    I have an 06 RS and would not trade for anything else. It has its quirks but I like the sound and feel of old school but with new tech. I have this one set up as a long range curiser but I am about to buy another 06 and strip it down and make a custom poker run bike. Single seat, no bags, low to the ground and new paint. So you see these bike can be adapted to anything. Great choice.

  13. Merlin595

    If you really like the Road Star, you probably should get it. Personally I find it to be a very good motorcycle if you like it for what it is. I have never owned one, but I have ridden them and I think they are very good. It is a very well made bike, fairly comfortable, has really decent power, there are only about a billion accessories for it, and personally I like the classic looks much more than the Stratoliners. As far as noise, you have to remember all motorcycles make some kind of mechanical noise because the components are so exposed muffling mechanical noises is almost impossible.
    Like you, I had a V-Star 650 once, and although I really liked the bike a lot, it was so far down on power I didn't keep it long (it wasn't my first bike, but I bought it for a steal so it was worth it).
    If you want traditional cruiser ergos and you like the idea of a big bore air cooled twin, IMO they are hard to beat. I considered one of these when I bought my RSTD, but in the end I much preferred the liquid cooled motor and in the past I owned V-4 motorcycles and loved the engine performance and operation. Once I rode the RSTD I was in love; it was larger, smoother, and more comfortable for me over the Road Star, not to mention it offered features you couldn't get on the Road Star like air suspension and cruise control, as well as the standard factory hard bags.
    The Road Star is a nice bike. I have friends who have owned them and not a single one ever said he didn't like the bike.
    But in answer to your question (why not to buy it), I'd only have to say this; determine of you will be happy with an air cooled V-twin or if you would rather something that's liquid cooled.

  14. DennisM

    I personally love my Road *, I traded my almost new 09 950 with 8K miles on it for an 05 Road* Silverado Tourer with 4k Miles on it.

    The only two things that I needed to do was to replace the short stock sissy bar, for the longer version and add a Pro Pad for the rear seat, but my bike came with Saddleman seats . be advised that I am not sure if the newer models have the same short sissy bar.

    I will say that it is much less noisy than the newer 950, that ticking on the 950 drove me crazy, with the mods I have on mine, I don't hear any ticking what so ever, even with the windscreen.

    There may be some validity to the sewing machine sound, especially if you keep the stock pipes, but since mine came modded, I honestly cant testify if the sewing machine sound is really there.

    I do a lot of two up riding and with the Rodie, I can't tell that my wife is back there at all, She will just put at 80mph all day long without sounding like its almost topped out, no buzzing and no floor board vibes either.

    If you plan on a lot of highway driving and you like the classic cruiser looks You cant do much better than the Road star with one exception, the Stratoliner, but I like the looks of the Road star better, its just a matter of preference.

    The Star line is a dam good machine, I got just as much bike if not more than a HD Dyna for a lot less cash.

    My son owns a HD Dyna wide glide and after he rode me Road * He has questioned why he spent so much cash on the HD Dyna wide glide.

    Give the Stratoliner a test ride, If your a bigger dude, the Stratoliner may be a better fit.

    For me the Roadie fit perfectly and the weight is manageable with my bum left leg.

    Just my two cents


  15. dheclargz1

    I have a 2008 roadstar 1700 and i can say that i love it. The only thing that i would have done different when i bought it was pipes and hard bags. Its really an awesome bike. I traded my new 08 vstar 650 in for it. It was a nice little bike, handled good, but i longed for more and fatter look. This one just gave that, plus got a really good deal on it since they were wanting to make room for the stratoliner, which if i was going to pay 17,500 msrp i would have bought a vic or a harley. i think that for the bike it is, overpriced. The roadie i like much better. But im going to eventually go with a set of hard bags like the strat has..i loved it. I can add a faring and hard bags too if i need t0.. Talk about noisy, yes, but with the new D&G pipes that i got for 390 shipped, very nice and loud to boot!!

  16. NullifygirlsJ

    Does the Road Star run hot? Compared to your 1100? I have a Kawasaki 1700 and it is unbearable in the summer heat.

  17. recumpendpop

    Does the Road Star run hot? Compared to your...

    My best friend just bought an 04 Roadstar 1700 with 23,000 miles on it. He had an old 83 gold wing. He's had the Road* for 2 weeks now.

    Saturday I asked him how he liked it, he said I love it.

    I have ridden it and the 1700 Nomad; the Roadstar* is not as hot as the 1700 Nomad IMHO.

    Kaw has come out with kits the dealer will install for the heat problem on the 2009 model 1700. This kit is all ready in place on the 2010 models.

  18. demingrick24

    Do yourself a favor, spend the extra $2,000 and get a Stratoliner. I have a friend who bought an '07 Roadstar Silverado right around the time I bought my '07 Stratoliner, and he's regretted not getting a 'Liner ever since.

    The Stratoliner is smoother, more nimble, and much more powerful.

    Test ride both at your dealer and see if you don't agree.

  19. yajare

    Do yourself a favor, ..........Test ride both at your dealer...

    That is a good idea. Test rides have changed many peoples ideas on what they were really looking for.

    I did like the Strat but chose the Roadstar because it fit "me" better. You may think different. I found the handle bars on the Strat quite wide for me (they can be changed), but that is not why I chose the Roadstar.

  20. roadie6

    +1 on the Strat/Roadliner. They are even easier to get off the side stand than the Road Star. I'm only 5'9" and it fits me great!

    The liners get 6 mpg better too!


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