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  1. heavvyduty56

    Who,s faster the Warrior or the Roadliner????

  2. Suzhipiger

    Is this a serious question?

  3. cowenandranch

    silly question. Everyone would like to think their bike is the fastest, but I'm thinking that the Warrior will walk all over the 'liner

  4. yhennlj

    I'm going to guess the Warrior too. Even though the Liner has almost 200cc's more engine, it's also about 100 lbs. heavier. Not to mention, the tranny is set up different on the Warrior . Here is a comparison from Yamaha.

  5. MigejCojode

    An R1 trumps both. They are cruisers (well one is a "sport" cruiser) if you want speed buy a bike built for it.

  6. Suzhipiger

    I'd refine the questions a bit. Do you want:

    Straight line speed or the ability to maintain speed in the twisties?

  7. TomKajVS580

    Everyone knows the one with the most chrome is faster.

  8. yhoower

    Only if the chrome is well polished. lol

  9. 6Warrior

  10. MorkKW

    Added after reading the comical info from the "grump'... : ) ......
    Going back to the ol' often heard adage.... "It's often found that he can beat you with his and then switch bikes or cars with you and beat you again with yours."

    All things being equal - meaning the rider who's twisting the throttle and the existing conditions of the test:

    Quarter-mile results of these bikes stock performance, as reported by several magazines, indicate (all of which make perfect sense):
    The Raider is a tick faster than the Roadliner;
    The Liner is several ticks faster than the Warrior;
    The Warrior is several ticks faster than the 1300;
    The 1300 is a bunch of ticks faster than the Road Star;
    The remaining lesser displacement Stars fall into line after that.

    added: The BMW 1000rr rules! : )

  11. krumbjolttute

    I have first hand knowledge to this question. The answer will start decoctions, provokes arguments and pit brother agent brother. Truth is the Liner will stay with, stick with and keep the same line as the Warrior any day of the week. The kicker is: it depends on the rider’s insanity. Same for who is going to be in front at the end of the straight-away, how much pipe dragging can you stand when the road starts to turn…and should ya?
    I know this is not a definitive answer; it has to be disproved on the road.

  12. MigejCojode

    I have first hand knowledge to this question. The answer...

    Thanks that put a grin on my face. Very well put.

  13. bohleaze

    I have both bikes in my garage.

    07 stratoliner with touring gear modded with a big air kit, pcIII and full exhaust

    and a

    2004 warrior with only a cobra mega phone slip on.

    As they are set up now the stratoliner is defiNadely faster. Going off and on highways I love how well the stratoliner holds it's line. (I don't think the warrior does that as well. It feels less planted) I think the only place the warrior has my strat beat right now is lean angle. On the Strat I am always scraping floor boards or my engine guards. I've actually thought about taking off my engine gaurds to turn tighter.

    Before someone says I am just a guy that doesn't understand how bike really handle. I've done my time on sport bikes I had an 05 raven black r1 a gsxr 600 and a honda 600 rr before the stratoliner. (the warrior is the gf's).

  14. hik4z

    really, they are cruisers, who cares. Any inline 750 built after 1980 or any 600 built after 1990 will be faster.

  15. maxcruizer

    really, they are cruisers, who cares. Any inline 750 built...

    Well said, never did understand why cruiser guys, especially v-twin ones continue to compare time slips against each other - The bikes intention is to cruise on, so maybe a better question is, which cruiser is the most comfortable, reliable, etc....

    Buy a ZX14 or a Busa and your the King of speed - atleast until the sudden stop! Or bu a Gen 2 Vmax and your the King of Cruisers.

    Just my 2 cents!


  16. Suzhipiger

    That's like saying "Why race stock cars when fighter jets are faster?"

    Racing separate classes of vehicles is nothing new. There's nothing wrong with racing V-twins against V-twins or I-4's against I-4's.

    Comparing the two is apples and oranges, and not really representative of either bike's abilities. Would you race an Acura NSX against a 4x4 Chevy Blazer on the street or a winding mountain road and call it a fair fight?

    The Warrior was never intended to be "Grandpa's bagged out cruiser" with the boulevard windscreen, XM radio and a cup holder.

    The Warrior is also 8 years old, without barely a single update from the factory. When it debuted, it was King of a new class of bikes, and prompted other companies to build competing bikes.

    Now it's old and passe as technology has marched on and built better bikes.

    This is like complaining that my 29 year old, 1981 DeLorean performs poorly against a 2010 Porsche, or even a 1989 Porsche. Duh. Again, an apples-to-oranges unfair comparison.

  17. kamezbanger

    I agree. If you want to race V-Twin cruisers...race em.

    It is not anything new. Some people just like fast....but don't like crotch rockets.

    Personally, I just enjoy a lower RPM at interstate speeds.

    Wish I had a six speed.

    And I don't consider a VMAX a cruiser...I don't really think a warrior fully fits that catagory either.

  18. hik4z

    The bikes intention is to cruise on, so maybe...

    Royal Star Venture!!!! That is why I bought it.

  19. JozhH

    Well said, never did understand why cruiser guys, especially v-twin...

    I think some people just like what they like. What if you want to be comfortable AND go fast?

    Here's a for instance. I have a 2006 crew cab 4wd Chevy Silverado with a Duramax Diesel. I can use it to daily drive, haul 2k lbs of stuff, tow 20k lbs, comfortably carry 4 other people with me, use it to go off road for hunting or camping, etc. Since I'm a bit of a speed freak, I decided to do a little bit of work to it to make it faster. I ended up with a diesel pickup that ran the 1/4 mile in 11.13 seconds 123.5 MPH. Sure I could have done it with a Camaro a lot easier (and probably cheaper too), but it wasn't what I wanted. Besides that, it's hard to tow a trailer with a Camaro.

    Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too?

  20. DJinNH594

    I went riding with a friend a few weeks ago. He rode his Honda 360 from the 80's, I was on my Raider. He had to keep slowing down for me. Why?...because I've spent enough time in hospitals (not related to motorcycles) and I'm never going back if I can help it.

    Just call me "Slow-Moe".


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