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Which windshield which seat????

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  1. cambjman

    I love love love love my new pearl white classic 1100. Yesterday after work I road a little to far (trying to roll over 200 miles) and on the way back with the sun going down it was just magic. And then it happened, splat, spitter, sponk, pip, pat, yuck a mouthful of insects, bugs, and whatever, and my face sheild visibility was starting to be comprimised. I need a windshield and want to know wat is the best for the buck. AND the seat just aint breaking in, what kind off seat I am a big guy, 5'10' 325lbs (all muscle) I wish.
    Ok what windsheild and what seat let me hear it!!!!

  2. chilibebber

    There are several windshield set ups around and you should research them. I found a silverado windshield on Craigslist for 75 bucks and bought it. I suggest that you look there as well.
    As for the seats, I have been trying different seats for a while. I tried Ultimate and Mustang so far and they are quiet expensive but neither one worked out for me. Both moved me forward a couple of inches and I am too tall for that. My latest adventure in the seat testing is the GelTech pad. This thing is comfortable as all get out. I use it with th estck seats and it keeps me positioned where I want to be. I am considering cutting out the foam and laying this pad in under the seat cover and covering it up now.This pad eliminates monkey butt for me so far but I havent put a long trip on it yet.

  3. N2cr7zharg

    I'm 6'2 and around 300 lbs so I feel your pain. I'm using the Mustang seat, but most of my height is in my torso (but not my arms) so the moving forward wasn't that big of a deal for me. The seat is comfortable and I'm taking it on the ultimate test in a week and a half (1500 miles in 5 days). I'll give a better review after that. Otherwise, I've gone around 100 miles at a time on the seat and but doesn't hurt like it did with the stock seat (tail bone always killed me on the stocker).

    One thing I'll recommend on the windshield is to look at a National Cycle, stock Yamaha, or Memphis shades. I'm not too keen on the tapered fork mounts that some ouse after going through a fitment issue with mine. I'm using a Slipstreamer shield and the company has been GREAT to work with even if the shield is on the less expensive side. The issue I had was there is a stock cable guide under the upper triple tree clamp that interfered with the shield hardware on my ride. (Don't know if this is an issue across the board/all years, but was a problem with my 07). In the end, I had to cut off the cable guide to make the shield work. No big deal, but was a pain in the AIS. Note: National Cycle Head Duty shields have the same mount as my Slipstreamer, the Switchblade would not have the issue (if it even would be an issue).

    Just something to think about...

  4. cambjman

    Thanks Shark and chilli,
    I would love to hear how the gel pad works before i spent 350 and up for a corbin. Let me know, and the rest of you star riding forum trollers lets hear it I am eager for info.

  5. Concrede711

    might want to give Mean City Cycle a look on the seat. I've heard real good things about them.


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