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  1. Heartlander50

    Sure, go to Lots of pics and info, souind clips, pricing, etc. Remember, they are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I stand behind my work.

  2. quicgmicg

    Kent does great's a couple pipe pics from his website...

  3. gradie69

    Well I bought Jardine ORK.. only because after 3 oil changes feeling pretty confindent about the up and coming oil change. I started to do the job... all is going fine until while removing to front tube I dropped the tube broke the gasket scratched the front tube....... now its 10 mins max.. for a full change I replace the filter after 4000 k's and the 20- 50 amsoil once a yr. whether it needs it or not..

  4. Grupjkluddon

    I'm running the Jardine now as well. With 2 into 1 pipes it's not really fun changing the oil. Now it's a breeze. My Monster Pros are a real pain to work around.



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