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  1. rhoover86

    I just bouht my 2005 Vstar 1100 Silverado, I know I need to buy an ORK but wondering which is best.Barron or Jardine, any opinons?

  2. aogzz

    what is the reason your saying you need to buy a ORK? I know its a pain to change the the filter on our 1100's but if your only going to need to change it once or twice a season. is it really worth the money to save 30 mins.?
    I know it took me like 2 hours the first time i ever changed mine LOL. but now it take like less then a hour to change filter and oil.
    This is all IMO. i'm sure their will be others jump here in here and help you with your choose. i thought about getting one and after read a few post in here and i thought WTH save my money for other mods.
    Check this out:

  3. 78ordon

    I just bouht my 2005 Vstar 1100 Silverado, I know...

    Need a ORK? Personally I don't think it's that big of deal to change the oil. It gives me a opportunity to clean hard to get to places.

  4. bkman

    In my opinion, it depends on what kind of pipes you have. The OEM pipes are designed to be easy to remove / replace when it's time for an oil change. Some aftermarket pipes are nearly impossible - you'd have to remove the entire exhaust to get the front pipe out of the way. In that case, an ORK might be an absolute necessity. If you're running OEM pipes, I don't think an ORK is necessary at all - save your money. Unless you are now, or are planning to soon buy an aftermarket exhaust system and you KNOW it will be difficult to remove / loosen that front pipe, the ORK is not something I'd worry about. It really IS just another place for a leak to form down the road (though that is a very rare thing).

    All the popular ORKs do the job. I bought the Phat Performance one simply because it was a little bit cheaper and it had the (supposedly better) larger oil lines. It is very good quality and I am perfectly satisfied with it. Nowdays, I think ALL the ORKs have the larger oil lines anyway, so there's probably no functional difference. The only significant thing I can think of is that one of them (the Jardine, I believe) places the filter off to one side on the frame down-tube in an upright position. All the others (to my knowledge) place the filter down low in a horizontal position against the front of the motor. It's really personal preference, but I might have chosen the upright one if it hadn't been significantly more expensive. I like to pre-fill my filters with fresh oil, and having the filter sitting upright would have made this a little easier.

  5. KhakashiS

    i bought a barons. the reason why is because i found them to me less expensive then the other brands and you i can go to autozone and buy the filter.
    hope this helps.

  6. rhoover86

    Thanks to all, I have decided to not to buy the ORK and see how it goes. With all the rain we been having finding the time should not be a problem, had lots of time on my hands so what is a couple hours, like 78ordon said it will give me better access to clean areas that are usually more difficult to reach otherwise.

  7. 78ordon

    Thanks to all, I have decided to not to buy...

    It's not as bad a job as people as people make it out to be. 1 hour job tops, and that is taking your time and cleaning.

  8. yhoower

    Bob and I have had quite the discussion on this topic here. The plan is to try it once and see how it goes. Then he can make a decision on whether or not to but an ORK.

  9. ebrowensano

    Bob and I have had quite the discussion on this...

    I'm in the same boat... I plan on doing the standard oil change, and then deciding if its too big of a pain and I need an ORK, of if its something I can deal with, then I'll skip the ORK, and spend the money on something else...

  10. rzchafer2

    I will probably be the odd man out here. But changing the oil took me 3-4 hours. You may wonder why so long? I am just slow and not overly so inclined, though I can do it. I bought an ork because it relieved me of stress. (I am having someone else put in my house windows to relieve stress, though I could do it.) My bike is not supposed to be stress maker, but a stress reliever. I bought the Baron simply because I thought it looked better, had a chrome filter and I liked the "how to" video that they have on their website. At the time, I had the funds to buy it. Now, maybe I wouldn't because funds are tighter. All of this is just me, but I am glad I did it.

  11. colecciondisne889

    I am Canadian with an 05 classic... I went with a Per-Form kit ... not sure if it's available in the US .. went with 2-1 cobra pipes so it's a full removal for the oil change...another consideration.. external filter will lower oil temp by at least 15 ... more if you get the oil cooler style filter ..

  12. KhakashiS

    the main reason i decided to get one is because i never wanted to take the time to do it. when your out in the garage and have time to do it all you want to do is ride. it saves alot of time.

  13. Brocknchrist71

    I am Canadian with an 05 classic... I went...

    what might you be referring to about the oil cooler kind... live in south texas where temps get mildly ridiculous and need all the help i can get if you know what i mean...

  14. colecciondisne889

    what might you be referring to about the oil cooler...

    here is the product page for the ORK .. it's at the bottom and mentions the cooler filter .. i am guessing they are talking about the HD spin on cooler the sell half way down the page

  15. OldFaithful

    here is the product page for the ORK .. it's...

    Where is the 'product pag'??

  16. colecciondisne889

    Where is the 'product pag'??...

    opps... my bad..

  17. wzdar2

    I have had barons / chrome ork for two years , no problem yet

  18. Heartlander50

    I prefer simple machines and adding an ork because the pipes in the way of the filter seems non-simple. If I may make a shameless plug, I make pipes that don't block the stock oil filter. So, you put the money were going to spend on an ORK and apply it toward a cool new set of true dual exhaust. Polished stainless with insulated heat shields! Google Kent Did It.

  19. auwing1642

    Wow...those pipes are really nice looking! If my 1100 did not already have Cobra 2-1 HP's and the Jardine ORK, I would consider your pipes for sure.

  20. OldFaithful

    I prefer simple machines and adding an ork because the...

    Do you have photos of these 'pipes that don't block the stock oil filter' ....... give us a look at them?


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