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Which one is cylinder #1 on Virago?

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  1. GS1728

    I am rebuilding the carbs (second time!) on a 85 Virago XV700. The main jetting is different for each cylinder. Can anyone confirm which cylinder would be called cylinder #1 in the Cylmers service manual? I'm sure it says somewhere in there but I have not located it yet.

    Clymers says:
    Cylinder #1 has a 128 jet
    Cylinder #2 has a 132 jet

    I am having trouble with what appears to be a lean problem (backfire through the carb and fuel starvation) with the front cylinder. I really have not found anything in the carbs that indicated the pilot circuit was clogged, etc. Now I am wondering about the jetting???

  2. GS1728

    Anyone have info on this?


  3. MigejCojode

    I am 90% sure its the front one. That is usually the case. My #1 is the front. As well front cylinders are almost always the ones run lean as they have better cooling. I'm only 90% sure tho.

  4. GS1728

    Thank you very much!!



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