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which handle bars

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  1. pmv4ret

    I have a vstar 1100 classic. Im thinking about changing the handle bars to something unique and comfortable.
    What u think I should go with?

  2. pocomo1064cuzdom

    Try looking at J&P Cycle, I found the best price from them. I just put some drag bars on my custom.

  3. zniber1

    I just added 1 1/2" Baron Custom Drag Bars to my 1100 Classic and I Love THEM ! Not only did they add to the look of the bike but the added comfort and changed rider position is amazing!

  4. Jassjljnne

    I have the

Baron's Big Johnson (beach/nostalgia) Bars w/ internal wiring.
    If you want to see them, click on my name and look at my album.
    I had to add risers since I'm only 5'6" but these bars are very comfortable, my wrists aren't sore anymore.


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