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where are the air filters?

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  1. BigerDawe

    I took my bike in for a service interval.
    Part of the service is to check the air filters. Apparently the instrument cluster must be removed to get to the air filters to check them.
    I'm not sure my low fuel light works now.
    Does anyone know if the instrument cluster must be removed to check the air filters and could the low fuel light come unplugged?

  2. recumpendpop

    The air filter is on the side of the engine you do not have to do anything to the instrument cluster to check the air filter.

  3. BigerDawe

    The air filter is on the side of the engine...

    Thats what I thought but it didn't occur to me at the time or I would have asked why they had to mess with the instrument cluster.

    Still don't know if the "low fuel" light works. I ran low on fuel and the odometer did the "reverse count down" thing but the light never came on.

    I'll call the owner tomorrow but with the blizzard they may be closed.

  4. forewerjounk

    The air filter on the Liner is under the gas tank. The tank, and so the cluster, must be removed. The thing that looks like a filter cover on the side of the engine is just a cosmetic cover to hide the throttle bodies.

  5. MitWezdSdar

    What forewerjounk said,
    tank must come off or set over to the side.

    One of the connections might have come off.

  6. recumpendpop

    The air filter on the Liner is under the gas...

    I stand corrected.

  7. JBLee327

    WHAT? You mean my Hypercharger is only adding visual horsepower? Crap. Actually it's not an intake device, it's a Coil Cooler! The right side cover hides the coils on the Roadliner. There are three connectors beneath the instrument panel. It is held on by three Allen head screws and very easy to remove. I'd check to make sure the connectors are tight and go from there.

  8. forewerjounk

    I must admit, your bike is very tastefully done. Coil cooler and all!

  9. recumpendpop

    Nice looking bike.

    I bet you have the "Coolest" coils around.


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