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When to rejet?

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  1. yajhavger

    I modified my stock pipes by removing the first baffle and the end pipe. I am contemplating on whether to remove the second baffle with a chisel. If I do this will I have to rejet?

    Also, what is a exhaust reducing adaptor? I am going for a deep and loud sound, does this help?

  2. DragonVStar

    See page 9 here:
    It says that it is not recommended/required to rejet when installing a GAK and modifying the 1st or second baffle. So I'm wondering if you just have to open up the PMS a turn or so instead.

  3. retzdaret

    See page 9 says that it is not recommended/required...

    No, it is not recommended to install a GAK unless you remove at least the 3rd baffle.

  4. retzdaret

    I modified my stock pipes by removing the first baffle...

    No need to rejet. You should be good.

  5. BikRet

    I took off the end of my exhaust and was fine, the plugs fouled so I popped a new set in. I installed the GAK and rejetted to 3.5 turns pms, 127.5 main jets, stock pilots, and 2 shims on the needles. Most importantly sync the carbs after every mod. is the site I used and its got pretty good info.

  6. yajhavger

    Thanks for the info.


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