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Wheels for my Bike

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  1. AsntechnoA

    I am looking to buy custom wheels from Ride Wright Wheels for my Roadstar does anyone have experience with these wheels. I found them online

    Any help will be appreciated.

  2. recumpendpop

    No experience with them. But I have a question after looking over their web site.

    Those wheels are spoked can you run tubeless tires on their wheels?

    Some spoked wheels are sealed so you can, some are not.

    Just something to consider B4 you buy.

  3. AsntechnoA

    Yes they can run tubeless. And they offer lifetime warranty on the spokes. I also saw a picture on their site that had a photo of a bike that was in a crash and the wheel integrity looked fine after the crash. I will wait to see if any other members post some replies but I love the way the wheels look and I am going to get them.

  4. Vrotter

    Also take a look at .

    They may get theirs from the same place. At least you can price compare.

    Ride safe,


  5. AsntechnoA

    Thank you I will check out the link you shared and compare.

  6. yazonzdyohn2

    Those are really nice!! How much they cost??

  7. AsntechnoA

    Which wheels the Ride Wright Wheels?


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