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whats the best seat out there under $300

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  1. webster98

    like the title says:

    whats the best most comfortable seat out there under $300 for a 260 lb guy 5' 9" tall

    i put in an order for a PCS seat but its been over a month and im still "on the waiting list" but next in line with no idea when that might be.

    my question is this, im thinking while i still have the option to cancel my order, are there really any better options out there?

    i need to get the best bang for my buck and i have no money to get this wrong, i need something for daily 150 mile commutes so it HAS TO BE a comfortable seat not just for looks and im really pressed with the budget so under $300 is my limit

    i dont mind sending my seat off somewhere if its only going to take a week or two to get it back but i need to hear from people who actually used a seat and can say its good. i really need some feedback rather soon before i get locked into my present order.

  2. deedydeedy142

    got my mustang from hear

    i got the Two-Piece Vintage Seat with Driver Backrest but you can get solo seats for around 300.
    i hope this helps i know it might be a little more money but you will not regret it.
    go to mustang web site find the number of the seat you want then search the web till you find your price.

  3. webster98

    what about those places that modify your seat or sell you modified seats?

    i think those could be a way to save money but im very unsure of the quality that can be expected from them.

    pacific coasTSdar seats came highly recommended but they cant get a seat to send me after a month so im giving up on them and looking for other options now.

    is new the only other way to go? i just want a comfortable seat with a new seat covering that doesnt feel like im sitting on a rock after 75 miles

  4. yhoower

    I got my seat gelled and refoamed by a local guy for $135 and it was worth every penny.

  5. webster98

    I got my seat gelled and refoamed by a local...

    thats the key tho, who do you trust?

    buying new the opinion i have formed based on comments of other peoples opinions is that mustangs arent the prettiest but are very comfy, corbins look great but arent the most comfy, and saddleman is kinda so-so with good and bad depending on your luck of the draw in what you get.

    the seat modifiers seamed to be the best bet but getting a confirmed reference of good quality work in a timely manner AND have it be very comfortable is not something easy to get people to express opinions on.

    was your local guy do just a regular upholstry guy who did a good job for you or does he do bike seats for a regular job?

  6. yhoower

    was your local guy do just a regular upholstry guy...

    Yes and Yes webster98. Let me explain. The guy has re-upholstered 3 pieces of furniture for us and all three truned out great. I would have never thought that anyone could make a Lazyboy recliner more comfortable but he did. Then he restored an antique chair for my wife that she is really pleased with.

    About a year ago I found out that he also does custom motorcycle seats. Turns out he's got contracts with 2 of the 3 local Harley Dealerships to do all their custom seat work. When I say custom seat work I mean pans, foam and gel and custom covers in any material you want to pay for. The guy has a great rep in the area.

    He also does custom upholstry and interior restorations on cars.

    Only ding on the guy's rep is he works when he wants on what ever project he's most interested in on any given day. That is to say your order gets done when it's done.

  7. BuzhBoj

    I can appreciate it when you say you have to stay within a certain budget. I'm only going from past experience but would suggest saving a little longer and then increase the budget. I spent way too much trying to modify the stock seat to save a few bucks. Ended up with a Mustang

  8. webster98

    I can appreciate it when you say you have to...

    but, but, but ,but i cant let go of money but i force myself when necessary and im seeing that this is one of those times, plus i got what i think is a hell of a great deal on a set of wide mustangs with both seats for $382 so i hurry up and bought the mustang seats before i had too much time to think about it

    so since im getting 2 seats for that price im kinda sorta within my budget, just no beer for a few weeks.

    the kicker that made my jump on that deal was when i called that pacific coasTSdar dude and asked why he never called me back to confirm if my seat was going to be mailed out to me monday or if it was still not ready yet and he had no clue this is after talking to him about it last night then today this morning AND after lunch and now just a little while ago (what a way to run a buisness) i cant even seam to get a cancelation email about it, guess thats too much trouble but geez, some people. all this after i very patiently waited since i placed the order on 5/1/11 when i ordered it knowing they were slow but i never dreamed they were this bad.

  9. Anedae28

    the kicker that made my jump on that deal...

    wow ... guess that makes me sure I'm not ordering from them =/ I had been considering trying their potato ship seat but I guess that's out.

    Only option left is an entirely new seat, or try the mean city cycles guy... heh

  10. Gina7

    Just got my Mustang solo with back rest in yesterday. Was 441.60 about 100.00 less if I didn't get the back rest. Got it form Will be testing it this weekend will keep you posted. I'm 5'11, a gal, and no I'm not telling you how much I weigh.

    Panama City Florida

  11. webster98

    wow ... guess that makes me sure I'm not ordering...

    well i cant say for sure but at one point he said the custom seats were harder to get replacements to send out but i think the story changed each time i called so most likely there just full of it and it doesnt matter if its a classic or custom, they just do seats when they feel like it and i guess right now they dont feel like doing any

    anyways dennis kirk has mine in the mail already and it will be here wednesday hopefully the mustang seats are as comfortable as i have heard they are

  12. 70bassman

    I have a PCS seat.It takes a while to get it in because they have to wait on cores to come back.They only use original equipment seat pans.The only way to speed things up is to send your seat in first and let them re-do your own seat,otherwise you have to wait.

    That being was worth every penny to get that seat from them.My butt thanks me every time I ride.It is much softer than the stock piece of concrete that was on my bike when I got it.

    Ride safe

  13. VStar2

    Hey Hoover, Can you give me some contact info for the guy who gelled and reformed your seat? I'm down in the south metro (Belle Plaine) and would love to give him some business doing the same on mine.

    thank you!

    I got my seat gelled and refoamed by a local...

  14. tomc

    Sadlemen and Mustang seat review at this link.


  15. yhoower

    Vsatr03 just sent you a PM.


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