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What Pipes do you recommend

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  1. Ghozd608

    If you want a nice looking set of bags for your Raider, that are bolted on, and lock, Corbin makes a nice set, they come painted to match your bike, if you have a Red Raider-S they even come with flames on them. I do alot of very long distance Riding, So Saddle bags are a must, and I usually even have another bag on back. I take off the 1st of June and usually don't return home until the middle or end of August. I love my Corbin bags, but they are Pricey. But I liked the raider versus any other bike out there, and spending the money on the corbin bags was still cheaper than buying a King pin, or a H.D. Road King, or something similar. And I ended up with a lot nicer looking bike. Plus its not that hard to take the bags off When I return home and don't plan on any long rides, Like during the winter, there are only 4 bolts per bag.


  2. armjtoktoc

    I have the cobra swepts, love the sound, but they have a problem in that they can drag on the right side, especialy if you lower the bike. You might try a youtube search, there are exhaust clips for the raider on there. It's not memorex or anything, but it will give you an idea of how bad your ear drums will bleed b4 you buy anything.

  3. AlSderpador

    I had an original set of Cobra swepts that would drag horribly before the feeler peg and got the redesigned replacment head pipes that still hit before the peg... How does the V&H BR compare with the dragging issue? I heard when they were released last year that there were riders that had dragging issues with them as well, just not as bad. Any pipes out there that don't hit before the pegs?

  4. popcad

    Hello Everyone. I have the stock pipes that i drilled out some holes in the rear. It sounds ok but i would really like some pipes. Problem is that I dont know anyone who has a raider that i can listen to. I live in Santa Ana, CA (orange county) If anyone lives out here that would allow me to visit and listen to their pipes i would greatly appreciate it. Also if there are any pipes out there that you recommend more than others I would love the feedback.ThanksJohn
    i have yamaha speedsters and i like them alot i havent heard any other pipes and proubly shouldnt because somebody always has a better sound



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