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  1. Mp18pops

    Right now I have a set of Cobra Slashcut slipons

    I am thinking about buying a full set up pipes.

    What seems to be the best sounding? I like my exhaust loud! But legal.

    I also like the looks of the short straitpipe. Any suggestions? Any links to an audio of it?


  2. Destructo22

    I have Cobra lo-boy shotguns, liking them so far and pretty loud.

  3. chisjc56

    You're gonna get ten different answers from those that all love the pipes they have. Listen to some now that it's bike season and see what you like. Buy good quaility pipes that you like the looks of and chances are if you do your homework you'll be pleased.

    I've got HK Sideburners now on mine and love the looks and the deep sound is awesome.

  4. jaystar534

    You are for sure gonna get 10 opinions on 10 different brands,like chisjc56 said listen to different pipes on bikes this season and see what you like, Youtube can give you an idea but from what i have heard the sound quality is usually really bad on there and it is not a true measure of how pipes are gonna sound on your bike. Myself i have the HardKrome strippers and couldn't be happier,but that is my opinion and it's worth 10 cents if that .My dad and uncle run Vance and Hines and they love them so it just comes down to what you find suits you and your taste.Its a big investment but it is for sure worth it to me.Good luck !!!

  5. Grupjkluddon

    If you like em short and loud try taking a look at the Hard Krome Strippers or the PCS Thugstars. Thugstars are plenty loud, and the Strippers are nice and short with some good grunt.

  6. tunc

    theres a video thread with a lot of different exhausts on it


    maybe this might give you a idea whats out there and might suit your needs

  7. PikesPeakMtnMan34

    I have the Hard Krome Strippers too. Not too loud when you're running, a nice rumbly idle sound and you can certainly wake them up when you twist your wrist.

    But, as others have mentioned, it's a personal preference, especially when it comes to what "loud" is. Youtube might give you a starting point on what certain pipes sound like...but remember that those videos are recorded on everything from cell phones to high quality HD cams. They will all record sound differently.

    Get out and actually listen to what other bikes have...that's the only way you're really gonna know for sure.

  8. bkman

    The only thing I would tell you is this: No matter what you choose, think about how difficult a new exhaust system will make oil changes. Some pipes are easier than others to remove / re-install. If you think you want a 2-into-1 exhaust system, you should seriously consider an oil filter relocation kit. Taking the front pipe off can be VERY difficult with some exhaust systems - particularly 2-into-1 exhaust systems. I don't think I could easily remove just the front pipe on my exhaust (a Cobra HP-Pro 2-1). I'd probably have to take the whole exhuast system loose every time I wanted to change my oil filter. I am not sure how easy (or possible) it is to remove just the front pipe on the HK sideburner, either. In any case, don't forget this important factor.

    Other than that, I can say this: Cobra exhaust systems usually sound really good, fit well and are more affordable than almost everything else. I have Cobra exhausts on both my bikes. The only downside (in my opinion) is the overall qualtiy of the Cobra pipes. The Chrome plating doesn't seem to be as thick or consistent as the more expensive systems, and Corba gives you heat shields that cover most of the pipe instead of a true double-wall pipe (like the HK and some others). I originally wanted the HK Sideburner but, after buying an ORK, I couldn't afford it so I went with the Cobra. It sounds VERY good - I get compliments all the time - but I have to keep after it with the steel wool because it tries to rust on me quite a bit. That's not a reason to avoid Cobra, but it is a factor in overall satisfaction. I had Vance & Hines on my last bike and the quality was definitely better than Cobra. Unfortunately, V&H never made (to my knowledge) a full system for the V-Star 1100. I never knew why.

  9. lucas674

    If you like em short and loud try taking a...

    I have the Thugstars and let me tell you, THEY ARE LOUD!!! I love my pipes loud as well, but my wife and neighbors tend to disagree with me...
    Legal? well that depends on the state and how much of jerks the law enforement is there. I am in law enforcement so i know most of them around here so they don't bother me.

  10. bkman

    As far as legality is concerned, I know of no aftermarket motorcycle exhaust that is technically street-legal anymore. Most late-model OEM exahust systems contain catalytic converters. It is a federal law that we're not permitted to tamper with or remove emission control system components - including the catalytic converters. If your bike happens to have been built before catalyst motorcycles were mandatory, you have a lot more leeway as far as the federal laws are concerned. Fortunately, nobody I know is actually enforcing this at the local level but some states require emissions testing and it may be difficult to pass such a test without the OEM pipes installed.

    Since you already have an aftermarket exhaust, you've already taken the plunge of removing some of the OEM hardware. With regard to noise, I think a lot of the trouble riders have is brought on by their own inability to exercise control. I've had a number of road-side talks with the police (about my velocity) and none of them have ever mentioned my exahust. I think most of them are reasonably disinterested in our modifications, unless we're truly disturbing the peace. My bike isn't that loud, but it WOULD probably offend some if I went tearing down the road at 2 in the morning. I try to be gentle on the throttle if I am entering (or riding through) a residential area late at night or early in the morning. As long as you are careful not to be offensive, most people won't be offended.

  11. quicgmicg

    Phoenix does motorcycle testing....and every 1100 owner I know has passed even without cats on the bike. Several have leaned out the PMS before testing......but nothing else.

    I don;t even have to test my cars where I live....thank goodness...

  12. Mp18pops

    Here in Canada we don't have to worry about that on our bikes. Its just the noise levels, and the way they check it is put thier stick up the pipe, no baffle = fine, baffle of some sort or something that stops the stick = no fine. Its so stupid.

    I mean it comes down to personal decision of the officer for sure.

    I love the Hard Krome Strippers. I think besides the slash cuts, they are the nicest looking on our bikes. The sound is nice as well. I need to find someone in my area that has them so I can have a listen. Or someone with a good mic to take a clip!

    Thanks for all the input

  13. quicgmicg

    Here in Canada we don't have to worry about that...

    I know guys that just run a bolt through the stops the stick.

  14. bkman

    ...and every 1100 owner I know has passed even without...

    That is good to know, since we may all have to deal with this (emissions testing) some day. I wonder, though, if the guys running the sniffer are more leanient with motorcycles or if the catalyst mufflers just don't do that much anyway. I'm guessing the latter.

  15. Brocknchrist71

    i have the HK with the straight cut off set length... they are what i liked... they are quiet but when you wake that dog she barks enough to hear me coming... i did have an issue with the chrome on the tips peeling off... they were aluminum and so i just sanded them down and shot some VHT flat black on it and it turned out nice... problem solved vs buying new tips for 75 bucks from HK... and their customer service isn't worth a damn... several phone calls at all different times, several emails, and never once did i get a reply...

  16. Heartlander50

    Check out pics and sound clips of true dual exhaust that not only sound good but look excellent at IMO nothing sounds like the stereo music of true dual pipes. These don't rust, turn blue, scrape or get in the way of the oil filter.


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