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  1. xwz109kuj

    Hey guys.........I am new to your forum but, not to my ride of choice. I have a couple questions for y'all i'm hopin you can help.
    I have an 06' midnight custom XVS 1100. I love this bike. I bought it after someone had done some work to it and traded it in with 500mi. on it. I bought it for a song. Anyway, someone found there way into my garage and stole it last year on August 3. It was recovered in the condition you might expect from a steal/recover. About 3 thousand dollars in factory parts and atleast a grand in aftermarket parts later it's comming along but, i hit a snag.
    HERE are my questions. The OEM handlebars have a hole on the right hand side for the start/kill switch to fit into. The new bars i have do NOT have the holes should I mark them and bring them to a machine shop to drill the holes or cut the nipple off the control?
    Question 2. where can i find wire rims for the bike that fit mine in the 18"x6.5" and 18 to 20'' front range with out breaking the bank?
    Question 3. I put MAPAM foward controls on it which look great but, they did not come with instructions. I got through the install until the part where the brake light switch conects to the new system. How can i make the OEM brake light switch work on the MAPAMs?
    ANY ANY ANY help would be great. I have e-mailed and contacted MAPAM and they have not answered me back as of 3 weeks.

  2. quicgmicg

    1.) I'm not sure about the handle bars, mine were aftermarket ones when I bought the bike, but there are no holes drilled in them.

    2.)Motorcycle wheels that aren't stock are expensive. Read that as VERY expensive. If you find a cheap wheel, there is probably something wrong with it. The rear wheel on these 1100's are pretty specific to the bike. But there are some alternatives out there....but again...NOT cheap.

    3.) I'm not familiar with those forward controls. Why don't you post a few pics and maybe somebody here can get you going in the right direction. ...

  3. didanzfan9818

    I experienced the same issue when I put aftermarket bars on my bike. I just marked it on the bars and drilled the whole myself with my cordless drill. Easy fix and better than cutting it off.

  4. xwz109kuj

    well thanks guys. I knew wheels are expensive but sometimes i get guitar parts from 1 place allot less expensive than the usual "go to" for the bars Titan,I can do that.I need grips first though.I definately appreciate your time guys....keep the shiny side up

  5. eponjzdar

    on ebay and at times they are quite cheap. There was a set of stock wheels on there a few days ago.

  6. xwz109kuj

    on ebay and at times they are quite cheap. There...
    that's ok ebony.......i would like a set of aftermarket wheels.maybe i'll get lucky someday....................yeah right!!!

  7. quicgmicg

    Hey, you never know. Keep checking your local Craigs List - eBay - local bike shops and if there is a motorcycle wrecking yard near where you live, let them know what you are looking for. they may just surprise you.

  8. xwz109kuj

    absolutely dude, you should see the bike since ive been rebuilding it. Im soooooo happy. the lowering kit and new tank and fittings came this week so i am stoked. I will be posting some pictures soon.I am debating a 200 or better rear tire kit and having the tank stretched and widened.but, she's lookin great.Im sure my wife is happy with the whole thing(haha)


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