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  1. rop165

    Went out this morning warmed up the bike while getting ready to take off. Stopped at quick trip for my monday morning monster energy drink. Came When I went to leave the parking lot POP and died. Now it wont hardly start, runs real rough like one cylnder and there is a hissing noise. Hauled it home and put away and went to work. Its bugging the crap out of me what happened. Looking for insight from the experts for this old diesel mechanic to check. I will pull plugs first thing and figure out which cylnder is not firing. Any suggestions about what to look for. And is this a common problem. Its a 2009 1100 classic only mod is baffles removed. Thanks for your ideas.

  2. quicgmicg

    If the POP was a backfire, check the rubber boots between rying-to-accelerate\" class=\"ymln\">the carbs and cylinders and between the carbs and air box. Also, check to make sure that the vacuum caps are still on the carb synch ports.

  3. bkman

    If the POP was a backfire, check the rubber boots...

    This was my thought, too, with the possible addition of a dislodged boot-joint\" class=\"ymln\">carburetor. Granted, that would have to be a hell of a POP, but it happened to me once on my old Suzuki. It back-fired so hard that it popped the carburetor loose from the rubber flange. If it's running REAL bad, you might have to re-seat the carb on the affected cylinder - and make sure you tighten it down real well.

  4. rop165

    Thanks bkman, you were the winner. Finally got the time to take the bike apart and found the front carb was out if the boot. Put everything back together and it was back to normal. Now if I can fingure out the dang whistle at the top of end just before shifting. Thanks mick and bkman for your responses it was a great help. Any ideas why it might have come out of the boot? I hate not know why things happen.

  5. bkman

    The only thing I can think of that would cause the carb to pop completely out of the boot is a really large backfire AND the boot being too loose in the first place (or the carb not being fully seated when the clamp was tightened).

    I've had the carbs off my bike only a couple times, but I do recall they are not the easiest to get fully seated. Also, the clamps that hold the boots tight around the carburetors have stops on them, so it is important to tighten them all the way down.

    Another problem spot (at least for me) is the rear cylinder elbow (on the intake side of the carburetor). For some reason, I have had a real time getting that one to stay on. I ended up using a good stainless-steel clamp instead of the OEM one, and that keeps it on. The front one stays on just fine, though.

    The whistling noise could be an exhaust leak at the flange. It may be hard to locate the source if this only happens when you're running down the road. If it is simply related to RPM, you might try revving the snot out of it in the driveway and see where the noise is coming from. One common problem on these bikes is AIS whistling, but that usually only happens if the owner has removed the AIS plumbing (those little steel lines that run right up to the exhaust ports on the exterior of the engine) and plugged the ports. Removing the AIS plumbing is a common mod when installing an afterMarget exhaust system, because leaving it in place tends to cause a lot of popping and crackling in the exhaust on decel. If these lines were leaking, a similar whistling sound might result, but I'm not too sure on that one.


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