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What bike is this? 1986

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  1. UoxtremeU

    I know that it is a 1986 Yamaha.
    But what model is it?

  2. MorkKW

    It appears to be a Radian that's been "reworked" over time.

  3. maxcruizer

    That is a FZX 700 or 750, also known as the Fazer - imported into North America only for a couple of years - was also known as the baby max. Very sought after bikes. the engines are the Genesis 5 valve per cylinder. Very fast bike in it's day.


  4. quinnyim

    Definitely a Fazer.

    Very cool looking little bikes. I had a 1987 FZ700 with the same motor. I almost killed myself a couple times on that little rocket!

    I was recently looking at one of these as a second bike.

  5. Heatlikhd

    Cool. There are some very good pictures of one for sale on EBay, item number 120594397215 .

  6. MorkKW

    Agree that pictures online show it to be a very cool and obviously a bad bike back in its day.

  7. quinnyim

    Cool. There are some very good pictures of one...

    I wish you hadn't put that info. on here.

    Now I'm probably going to bid on that thing! It's only about 4 hours from my house.

    I REALLY wanted one of these "back in the day".

  8. MorkKW

    While I'm not sure what the "reserve" is, that is one nice looking bike, even though they mention its few little "flaws," which really only helps to give it "character." : )


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