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Well, does it git up and go??

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  1. retzdarraiter

    hey you lucky dogs, congrats on your new bike!! ok, now the nitty gritty. how does it perform? is it up to your expectations? how does it compare to the 1100? speed wise. i saw one at the bike show (tommy blue) and i must say, its pretty tuff lookin! my wife says that if she buys a bike, its gonna be a 950. anyway, im happy for you guys. RIDE BABY RIDE!!!!

  2. tyzcarap

    Got mine yesterday. Did some riding around town and in the country. Handles great on twisties. Seems to have pretty good torque and accelleration. Still taking it easy on her while she gets broken in.

    LOVE IT!

  3. Griker

    I feel like she has enough power. She is mean looking and I get a lot of compliments just cruising around town. I finally got her out on the highway the other day and had no problem hitting 75+.

    I haven't rode a 1100 but I know a lot of people say the 2 bikes would make for a close race.

  4. tyzcarap

    I have no problem cruising at 70mph on my 300 on the highway! The 950 is another world for me. Can't wait to get the windshield on (that will be another first for me). Cruising in comfort has never been my thing...

  5. VTvinChic

    Nice, very nice! From startup, you get a good feel from the fuel injection that the engine is a strong runner. Quick to turn and get to warm idle temp.

    Solid "clunk" out of neutral lets you know the 950 is ready to roll with nice low-end torque. Once in first, though, you cannot push the shift peg down any further (like the 650). That stop also occurs in 5th, where you cannot push it looking for the imaginary 6th gear.

    Very smooth get-up-and-go, and flows like butter through the gears with the new belt drive. I had it scraping floorboards within 7 miles of riding, grinning all the way. This V-Star comes out as a good twisty cruiser, despite the long wheelbase of over 66".

    Braking is a little mushy in the front, and I truly think it should have earned dual discs. You just need to be a little more quick and firm (but not grabby, though) with the lever, then she does her job.

    Stock preload is a little on the firm side, so I will be dialing it down in the spring for a softer ride - it comes set at about the halfway mark from factory.

    Clutch engagement is almost immediately off the grip, so there's no guesswork. It also helps with the "off the line" time.

    The low center of gravity make it very nimble and it is easy to maneuver around the garage. The heft of the bike, though, makes it extraordinarily stable on the straightaways, and gives it the feel of a much bigger displacement bike. This is an easy bike to get accustomed to. Throw a leg over and take her for a test ride - you won't be disappointed!

  6. zoudherngomferd

    Yeah, what she said. Nicely written VTvinChic. It is a nice bike . For the money, this is the best new bike around. IMO. Best in class.

  7. Yammj

    That's very descriptive and to the point V Twin-Chic, sounds like it'll be a joy to ride. Keep us updated.

  8. tyzcarap

    Excellent Review VTvinChic!

    I'd say most notable for me were the clunk into 1st gear (not a bad thing) and the ease at which the 950 leans in corners. I found myself wanting to lean more, even though I (the bike) was already leaning more than I usually do. It really begs to be ridden.

    Clutch and shifting are pretty flawless for me. Floorboards and heel shifter are new to me. Took a few starts to get used to the floorboards. The heel shifter became natural after a couple of runs through town...very convenient!

    The 950 has some oomph to it. I found myself chirping the tire when shifting. I think I've got it figured out now though


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