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  1. pawdvin

    Man i would like to ride one of the mt-01s ive seen pics. those look sweet. But not available in USA

  2. DDE666

    Hopefully these pictures post. The company I work for "Wilden Pump & Eng" has some very good machinest, I had the "Little Scotchmen" do all the machining from the drawings I drew!

  3. DDE666

    Sorry! Forgot to mention I have the same machinest working a front hub, so I can mount a 18 X 3.5 60 Spoke Front Wheel. I need a narrower front hub so the spokes clears both the calipars!

  4. maxplufin

    I went and picked up my new warrior on april 18th. Put the first 40 miles on it and got a rear flat. Got it fixed that saturday and been ridining ever since. Love this machine. First bike I ever owned. Hope to get a few pics up later.

  5. SuiciteDan

    Greetings and salutations!!

    Alberta Canada here riding an '04, customized and moDDE666d. Been riding for 7 years, late starter, but passionate about the whole deal. Anyone from Alberta, particularly north-eastern Alberta (Fort McMurray) interested in meeting up, post here or drop a PM to me.


  6. Cjperton1933

    Just bought an 05 Black Cherry Warrior, after eyeing for about 3 years. Been riding a VStar 650 b4 that. Dayum...3 years too long! I'm checking in from Tampa Bay FL...

  7. Retlikhd

    2002 Titanium Warrior in SATX


  8. cjcleaxe

    well right now i'm on a vstar 650 custom. hopefully tonight after all the paper work i will be on a 2005 midnight warrior. i needed something with a little more power and i love the looks. it already has custom pipes and ram air, dont know if it has anything else.

  9. SMOOOKY726

    2007 midnight warrior here,churchkey vbak,street sweepers,pcIII,will post some pics if i have some time

  10. mpurlej

    Live in Ankeny, Iowa own an 06 Warrior, can't get a picture uploaded right now. Samson 2 into 1 Pro Thunder Exhaust, PCIII, Patrick Raceing Big Air Kit, AIS block. Uninstalled CP 1120 Bars, Kuriyakin Switchblade Flame Pegs, and Kuriyakin Flame Iso Grips, and Yami Mini Fairing.

  11. irizhvarrior

    2002 Titanium warrior, Barons big air, ais blocks,PCIII,long shots,chin spoiler,and mini fairing... more to come. Anyone from the Methuen,MA area? Trying to get some pics will post them later.

  12. wmaxmjer

    Great to see Warrior riders...I understand there is a Southern California group of Warrior/Raider riders that ride the backroads of Malibu Canyon, the Angeles Forest, and the Lake Hughes area...I'm still trying to find one in the Monterey/San Francisco area...Soooo far I've been riding with 'Doc Wong's' group and some of the South Bay Riders...Many times they'll be small groups of 'all' kinds of metrics (Hayabusa, Ducati, BMW...sportbikes & sport touring)...They're great people and great riders, but it would still be nice to find a Warrior/Raider group that likes to putt through the twisties..PEACE/RIDE SAFE

  13. wmaxmjer

    Great pictures...glad to see other aren't 'Harley-izing' their Warriors...Particularly like the high exit exhaust systems...PEACE/RIDE SAFE

  14. FIREBIRD612

    Hello all Warriors, my Warrior is 2003, love this Beast, any one from spokane,

  15. Suzhipiger

    Always good to see another Warrior owner. We're a little thin here. I'm in Maryland, near Annapolis.

  16. oltkoad3

    Hey FIREBIRD612

    I'm new to the forum and a new Warrior owner that lives in Woodinville Wa (not Spokane but at least the same state). I was shopping for used bikes to save $$. I was about to pull the trigger on an 05 but found a new 08 Friday for just $6999. I just couldn't pass it up. The weather hasn't been the best for riding (single digits F) but did manage about 24 miles on Saturday. I love this bike and can't wait for spring!




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