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welcome from arkansas

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  1. migecazdeel

    Thanks for the invite Jim. I'll check out y'all's website. My brother's a musician -never made a dime. Ha. His classic 74 Fender P Bass guitar is probably worth more than my bike though. maybe we can all cruise down to Ponca or wherever once it warms up. I'm sure Harrison got nailed with this last storm too. Got the wood piled high and the truck chained up. Fixin to watch the hogs take on Mississippi. As Billy Currington sings: "God is good, beer is great and people are crazy". Stay warm/safe. Mike

  2. cowenandranch

    Hey migecazdeel. you'll find there are lots of Vets here on this forum. Welcome home.

  3. vgink18054

    Go hogs. Marshall's good country. There's a view above town that's killer. Leslie's a cool little mtn town too. I'm over in booger county about 2 miles out of Huntsville. Snowed here bigtime yesterday. Bet you got some too. Nice pic of your bike. What kind of luggage do you have it looks good. I'm looking for some but don't want to change the look of black beauty. She's "kinda purdy neked" if you know what I mean. Ha. Mike

    I have yamaha hardbags and a muatzu trunk. yes we got about 10 inches of snow.
    I drive a truck for a charcoal plant and sometimes i deliver to the huntsville plant.
    I am allso in the southern cruiser riding club and sometimes i ride with chapter 107 out of fayetteville.

  4. migecazdeel

    Thanks for the info. I'll check out that riding club website. I used to know the manager of the Huntsville charcoal plant. Name was Bobbitt - killed by a drunk driver in Springdale some time back. My wife is friends with his widow. Too sad. Damn drunk driver. Drive safe - looks like a hell of a winter, so far. Mike

  5. Heatlikhd

    Hey Mike, welcome to the forum from a neighbor. Lots of great riding around here! Pig Trail, Talimena, OK 10 north of Tahlequah, AR 59 north of Van Buren, AR 16, and lots of secondary roads. They're not too good in the snow, though!

  6. migecazdeel

    Thanks Heatlikhd, I just can't seem to find a bad road from Huntsville. I've got to try some of those others you mentioned. I can say I hate I 40 and I 540 though. something about running 80 mph side-by-side with an 18 wheeler just bugs the crap out of me. could it be the fear of death? Last ride I had was Newton county (Kingston to Ponca down to 16 and on home up 23). It totally blew me away. Thanks for the welcome. It's nice to know there's other V-Twin fans in hog country. Hopefully, see ya on the backroads. And you're right, this snow sucks. Can't wait for spring. Mike



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