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  1. migecazdeel

    Hi y'all, I'm back in the saddle after trading my 72 XLCH back in 74 for a 63 ford galaxie 390 4 speed with cragars all around. Dang, I miss that car. In September I found an 05 XVS 1100 custom midnight for decent money. I put 2300 miles on it before winter hit. It's been snowing 24 hours now in NW Ark. Black beauty shows 6800 miles now and is mostly stock with vance and hines. I love the look and feel of this harley clone. My friend has $21K in his 95 cu in heritage softail and gets really pissed when he can't outrun me. Ha. I'm fixin to adjust her valves and change the oil to full synthetic. Probably Rotella T or mobil 1. I hope that quiets all the whistling, whirring and whining sounds that I just can't seem to get used to (yet). Anyone know where I can get a stock K & N air filter and chrome dog bowl for my black beauty? Thanks, y'all ride safe and come on down for Bikes Blues and Barbecue in Fayetteville next fall. I'll show you some of the best 2 lane roads in middle America. Can you say Pig Trail? Mike

  2. quicgmicg

    Mike.... Welcome to the 1100 club. As you're finding out, it's one of the best balanced bikes out there.

    2 people you need to know for bits and pieces for your 1100 are:

    TimB from Metric Magic you can find him at the Star Parts and Trade Delphi Forum here:

    Shane from SS Custom Cycle here:

    Both of these guys are the BEST in knowledge and customer service combined with killer prices.

    No matter what you do to that 1100, she's going to make a little noise, but no worries because she'll last 200,000+ miles if you take care of her. I've got a couple friends approaching 150,000 right now.... simply amazing! But the Synthetic will help quiet it down a bit.

    Looking forward to seeing you around, when you get a some pics of your bike!

  3. migecazdeel

    Thanks quicgmicg, I'll check out your links for sure. You're so right about the balance of this bike. She really feels like a part of me when I throw her into these Arkansas curves. I'm a 58 yr old Air Force veteran (69-76) so I've come to learn "speed is relative". Afterall, mach 1.25 makes any 60-70's muscle car seem like a snail. I don't really need to go fast. I just wanna "keep up". So far no problems with that. I like to ride comfortably though, so I'm interested in upgrades like windshield, seat, luggage, floor boards, etc. Don't want to change the "look" of this bike though. I'll see what your friends/links have to offer. Thanks for your inspiration. Both of my Toyota's have 200K + miles. It's about quality not quantity. I'll upload some pics soon. I'm old and this technical stuff pushes my envelope a little. Ha. Take care. Mike

  4. tunc

    Welcome to the forum from downunder
    Enjoy the forum and ask if you have Q

    heres a link to posting pics
    which cyl is #1
    and ill move this to the new rider section as well
    paulies latest pics
    If you haven’t already
    chuck ya location/state in your profile so ya might find a few on here local to ya to meet

    put one of your bike in the show your ride thread applicable to your bike
    it might be BIKE OF THE MONTH
    Welcome to MYWORLD

    and vote in the poll Black pipes for a 1300T?

  5. retzdaret

    Welcome form Georgia. Ride safe!

  6. migecazdeel

    Thanks man, my daughter's in Atlanta. I guess she's a "peach". Let's see that's 750 miles from NW Ark to Atlanta, hmm sounds like a good ride. What's the best way in to Atlanta on 2 wheels from Mississipi? I hate interstates. Mike

  7. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from Southern Maryland

  8. migecazdeel

    Thanks and y'all come down south when you get a chance. We'll have a "fine ride" in razorback country. Mike

  9. cowenandranch

    Welcome from next door in Oklahoma. I need to pig trail.
    I have done the Talamena drive from the Ok side, over the top down into Mena and back around. Awesome.

  10. migecazdeel

    Hey cowenandranch, OKlahoma is OK with me. I've had some good times over there in "indian country". In fact, I've got a little cherokee in me. That Talamena drive sounds beautiful. It's on my to do list. Hopefully, come spring I'll get to do my dream ride through OK into northern New Mexico (Angel Fire). Of course, I'm a back roads, back woods kind of guy, so I'll just be tooling along. Me and my V-twin. I guess y'all got some snow/ice. Been snowing here for 24 hours. Stay safe and warm. Mike

  11. micg10

    welcome to the family, plenty of friendly helpful people here so anything you need to know just ask

  12. migecazdeel

    Thanks Mick, yes it's an awesome site. It's nice to know us metric guys aren't just crazy "rice burners". Maybe blind obediance to a brand/badging is a little more "symptomatic". Oh, did I mention I was a school psychologist. On a teacher's salary, however, I still just can't quite afford one of those electra-glides. They'll never out run me on the back roads of Arkansas though. Ha. Mike

  13. SemberFiDavk

    Welcome from Middle Georgia !

  14. migecazdeel

    Hello SemberFiDavk, I take it you're a veteran like me. Vietnam was a hard war. Kind of broke the moral backbone of this great country. I was air force (zoomie) - just wanted a 5 million dollar weapon to work with. Ha. Love to ride. It's been a while though. It's reminds me of flying a lot - one mistake and you've "bought the farm". Brothers in arms. Semper Fi. Mike

  15. retzdaret

    Thanks man, my daughter's in Atlanta. I guess she's a "peach". Let's see that's 750 miles from NW Ark to Atlanta, hmm sounds like a good ride. What's the best way in to Atlanta on 2 wheels from Mississipi? I hate interstates. Mike
    What part of Atlanta is she in? Oh, and there is no good way to get to Atlanta from Mississippi, no matter what you do, you have to cross threw Alabama. Just Kidding.

  16. migecazdeel

    She's up in Marietta. I like to sit out on her deck with her husband and watch the F22 Raptor's fly by. Awesome planes. You cracked me up with that Alabama joke. Damned if it ain't true though. Maybe, I'll take the northern route through Tennessee. Last time I did that, I fell in love with north Georgia. Not as rugged as the Ozarks but it sure looked pretty up there to this mountain man. Speaking of which, I need to go out and chain up my truck - we got 8 inches of snow on top of ice in the last 2 days. Temp is 24. Mike

  17. retzdaret

    I actually work in Merietta. Nice area. Next time your up this way, you will have to let me now. We'll meet up for a beer or something.

  18. vgink18054

    Hello from another ARKIE with a 1100.
    what part of the NW are you in?
    i am in marshall, more north central. but i have a lot of friends in the fayetteville area.

  19. ylvrikhd

    Welcome Mike,

    I went to BB&B last year and had a great time. When it warms up you need to go to eureka Springs and ride with the gang from the Ozark Mountain Hoedown music theater. They are a great bunch and ride most every weekend with lot's of folks joining in.
    This is also a shameless plug for my daughter who is the female singer and comedian on the show.
    I am probably not far from you as I am in Harrison.

  20. migecazdeel

    Go hogs. Marshall's good country. There's a view above town that's killer. Leslie's a cool little mtn town too. I'm over in booger county about 2 miles out of Huntsville. Snowed here bigtime yesterday. Bet you got some too. Nice pic of your bike. What kind of luggage do you have it looks good. I'm looking for some but don't want to change the look of black beauty. She's "kinda purdy neked" if you know what I mean. Ha. Mike


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