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  1. woit45

    Well, you guys have helped me do it. I plunk down my money for an '08 1300T next Wednesday. I'm a NEWBIE and I take the MSF course next weekend. I'll buy the bike - have the dealer order and put on RSTD bars and K ISO grips while I order the 4pc Ultimate Seat. I'll take the class over the weekend and pick up the bike on Monday. !!!!

    Can't say enough about what a help this forum has been for helping me make this decision and for what to do to the bike right up front.

  2. tunc

    welcome to ya glad the forum helped ya

    chuck ya location/state in your profile so ya might find a few on here local to ya to meet up and ride... makes it easier for all
    go to UserCP (above L/H side )
    edit your details
    scroll to bottom and its there

  3. micg10

    welcome from yep another Aussie.
    cheers mick
    beat ya alpj

  4. retzdaret

    Great choice of bikes. You will be happy. Glad your taking MSF. It is worth every cent. Ride safe!

  5. Goadlocger69

    Welcome from Southern Maryland.

  6. Nidhhokr

    Welcome from STL. Alot of helpful info and friedships amongst these folks.

  7. zliter

    Welcome from Texas! Congrats on getting a new bike and good luck with the riding class. Ride safe.

  8. woit45

    Thanks everyone - I did update my profile.

    I'll be taking a ton of pics when I pick her up.

  9. wzdartewel

    hello from jersey, enjoy and be safe,,steve

  10. vgink18054

    hello from 100 mile east of you. marshall ar,

  11. alpj

    welcome from australia ride safe and enjoy the new bike

  12. Pekklez

    Welcome from Idaho

  13. tillikaff

    Welcome to the forum.
    Good Luck & Good Riding

  14. ft38278

    Welcome to the post, make sure you post some pics of your bike, we always like to see pics. Ride Safe and good luck with your MSF class.

  15. MachinekunWarrior

    Welcome from Idaho...Ride Safe!!

  16. wzdartan

    Congratulations on the new bike, and welcome to the forum!

  17. Rocgj1

    Welcome from Oklahoma neighbor!

  18. zgreiker

    Welcome from Maryland! Ride safe and post often.

  19. cmac343

    Welcome from Massachusett!! Congradulation !! God Bless, drive safe.


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