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Weird noise from the rear-end

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  1. Bratfort

    Hi everyone, I'm new here, just joined!!!

    I have a 2006 VStar 1100 classic, everything is still stock...... 7k miles

    While the bike is in motion, it's more evident when it's slower speeds and during turning, I get this noise that sounds like I ran over something sticky...."ffffffft.......ffttttt.......fftttttt" type noise. everything looks and rides ok, I thought it was a nail in the tire or I did run over something sticky but I checked the tire over real well and nothing is rubbing......

    any ideas?


  2. wzdartan

    On some surfaces, the tread on my tires will make a noise kind of like that. Mostly on new asphalt or slick concrete.I guess it is due to the rubber compound.

  3. Bratfort

    It seems to be a canstant thing......theres only been a few times I didn't hear it, so I don't think its the tread. I thought that at first though.

  4. wzdartan

    You might try lifting the rear end of the bike off of the ground. Spin the rear tire while in nuetral. See if you can isolate the shaft, rear end gear housing, brakes? Make sure nothing on the tire itself is rubbing anything. Good luck! Let us know.

  5. yaro

    Check the inside of the fender. Maybe something got stuck there and is rubbing on the tire. There are also wires there for rear lights. Maybe they are loose.

  6. Bratfort

    Thanks guys for the suggestions, I havent had a chance to try them yet cuz tonight i got gutsy and tackled the baffle mod that was on here.

    but good news........I can't hear the noise anymore!!!!! lol

  7. bkman

    but good news........I can't hear the noise anymore!!!!!
    Yes! I did pipes on mine just so I wouldn't hear quite so much of the whiny engine / driveline. It really is a good solution!!

    The noise you describe describes, to me, the sound I hear on my own bike when I am going slow, and right after I've applied the brakes. It does it for several seconds and then fades away. I figure it is just the brake pads dragging lightly on the rotors. It is very subtle, but I do notice it almost every time I use the brakes (well, right AFTER I use them). I don't think that is something to worry about (if that's what it is). I know it takes a few seconds for the pads to back away from the rotor. In fact, they never really do lift off of the rotor completely, so a little bit of rubbing is normal.

  8. MigejCojode

    OH COME ON!!!!! Am I the only one jeuvenile enough to see this????

    His rear end is making a "fffft...ffffft....ffffffft" noise.

    Stop eating beans.

  9. Bratfort

    nice Mikey!!!! I do have some backfiring going on from time to now with the mod it's twice as loud, call me juevenile, but the first time it did it after the mod i started laughing pretty hard......i have no idea why i found this to be so funny but i did.....

  10. wzdartan

    That Mike is a rascal!!!!!

  11. BucJeeber

    "Weird noise from the rear-end..."
    ... this one was way too easy.

  12. fupar

    OH COME ON!!!!! Am I the only one jeuvenile enough to see this???? His rear end is making a "fffft...ffffft....ffffffft" noise. Stop eating beans.
    When I saw the title, I HAD to read this one.
    I wasn't gonna say anything. But I knew someone else would.

  13. nadzcarbelli1

    Hey Guys! I get that same sound. i'm with bkman on this one.. I believe its the brakes. it almost sounds like the rotor is slightly warped and rubs the pads ever so slightly and goes away when applying the brakes. its only heard at slow speed...try applying the brakes lightly to see if it goes away, it does for me...

  14. yaro

    my front brake makes that noise at low speed.


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