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Warrior Valve noise help

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  1. negrofilliag

    Hi, i currently adjust my atv valve because of the excessive valve noise. I have purchased the shop manual and on the shop manual the valve clearance say intake 0.06 to 0.10mm and 0.16 to 0.20mm exhaust (engine cold). Remove my fuel tank and the valve cover set the engine at tdc, set the intake at 0.08mm and the exhaust at 020. I start the engine, the noise are gone for now, I run the bike for about 10 minute, the valve noise is start and get very loud, it seam to be from the intake I do not allow the engine to get cooler and check the clearance it is 0.15mm intake and 0.20mm exhaust. Let it cool for 3 hour; recheck the clearance and it is 0.08m intake and 0.20mm exhaust. The intake lash over 0.07mm as the engine get hot, this is probably what causing the valve noise when the engine hot?? Should I tighten my intake valve??? Please help me, thank Christ!

  2. Ravhite

    Run the valves again and you might want to check the lifters if you are willing to go that far.

  3. palapoj

    Hello there ,I too own a Warrior ,2002 with 45,000 klicks and I was wondering how many miles you' ve got on yours, to justify these kind of adjustments.


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