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Want to reinstall stock risers

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  1. purneyr

    Hello, We got baron's risers thru dealer and they installed them yesterday. Wife doesn't like new position and the bike doesn't handle as well. Upon examination the cables seem too tight and are binding on full turn to right.

    I think I'll go back to stock. I have all the parts but I didn't see the install procedure. It looks like I simply need to remove top clamp and lay handle bars on tank, (covered with blanket to prevent scratches, then remove nut at bottom of baron riser to remove them, then put the stock ones back in place.

    Is it as simple as it looks?

    Thanks. Rich

  2. VTvinChic

    Actually, that's about it.

    While you're at it, make sure all steering bolts are tightened to specs:

    • Steering stem nut: 80 ft/lbf
    • Upper bracket pinch bolts: 14ft/lbf
    • Lower bracket pinch bolts: 23 ft/lbf
    • Upper handlebar holder (aka riser) clamp bolts: 20 ft/lbf (tighten tops, then bottoms)
    • Lower handlebar holder nut: 23 ft/lbf
  3. roto2993



    Which Baron risers did you get? I installed the Baron Kickback 4" Risers (BA-7410U) and they seem to do the trick for my lovely 5'4" wife. No more shoulder pains for her to reach the bars during longer rides and no tank or instrument contact from the bars during lock-to-lock turns.

    I moved ALL the cables including the brake line behind (rider side) of the triple tree and had plenty of slack. I routed the brake line to the inside of the fork tube, and wondered later if I should have routed it to the outside position. Looking back, I think I made the right decision.

    In fact, later I installed a Vista Cruise throttle lock. This required me to loosen the bolts for the brake lever assemby and move it slightly to the left (toward the center of the bike), this created even more slack for the brake line.

    Rotating the bars up or down in the bar clamps makes a big difference in rider comfort and handling, perhaps this is worth a try?

    I hope this helps.



  4. purneyr

    Thanks VTC and Rodo for the information. With your info I think I can get her bike back where it was before I "fixed" it for her :-)

  5. HenrjD

    Rodo, can you post a pic of the routing and such? Also the risers themselves. My wife may need her bike "fixed" a bit more too

  6. purneyr

    I am on road all this week so won't be back home where the bike is until Friday. But the guy that installed the risers didn't change the routing at all and cables get real tight especially on full turn to right. (I believe they are same model as rodo mentioned above(BA 7410U 4")

    I could change the routig to the back (rider) side and solve the binding however my wife doesnt like the feel of the bike with risers installed. I don't know if maybe she isn't giving the change enough trial time, but hey its her ride and so I'll put the stock risers back on. I thought she was having to reach out too much, thats why I ordered them. Maybe later she will feel differently, or we can sel them.


  7. roto2993

    purneyr and HenrjD.

    First to purneyr. IMHO, your dealer may have installed the risers correctly, BUT all the cables need to be moved to the rear of the triple tree or you will end up with stressed lines like you have now. And without moving the lines, I would doubt that the bar could be positioned correctly to make it comfy for the rider. I did not find any install instructions on the Barron's web site, but instead I used the general instructions from the Scootworks website for their PhatRisers. (Copy attached)

    Next to HenrjD.

    I will attach a couple of photos, I apologize now for the poor quality as the auto flash on my camera did not provide the best quality images. First Photo illustrates the cables to the REAR of the triple tree. The second is from the front of the bike showing the bar position.

    As I mentioned to purneyr, ALL cables need to be moved to the rear (rider side) of the triple tree. Follow the general instructions from Scootworks on their PhatRisers and you should be OK. Removing the windshield and brackets is a MUST. If the triple tree does not lift off easily, you missed something. Removing the wire cage beneath the triple tree was the hardest part and I needed my largest wire cutters to get through the cage material. After a couple of cuts you can free the cables and remove the cage. After moving the cables behind the triple tree, I used some zip ties to help with a little cable management.

    I hope this helps, or at least adds informed confusion....



  8. HenrjD

    Those are great, thanks!


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