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  1. cmkippj

    short of looking on ebay or ordering a new tool kit from yamaha dealer does anyone know where i can get a tool kit that comes with bike. i bought mine used and it didnt come with one

  2. zdarmom

    why not call the company.........and see if they can sell you one.....that is what I would do.....

    Im sure you can get one that way.......

  3. wzdar6

    i would assemble my own kit. the only thing you might have trouble finding is the spanner wrench for the shock adjustment which you most likely won't adjust anyway. just wrap the wrenchs up in a shop towel to keep from rattling. then you have something to wipe your hands on if you have trouble. dirty!! throw away and get a new one when you get home.

  4. cmkippj

    word i can see benfit of building my own kit but it does come with a couple of tools not very common, i.e. spanner wrench. o well i had to drop bikeoff at shop anyway so ill get them to adjust spring

  5. rzchafer2

    You can get a spanner wrench from J & P Cycles,


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