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  1. michwzdar

    ok, my wife says ive lost the last marbel i had rolling around.

    I decided that i want to transform my vstar into a chopper. what im wondering is, have you guys seen any frames built to hold vstar engine/tranny? id like to use my current bike as a doner, but if im looking at having to have a frame custom built, it might not be worth it, and ill start looking for a 750 motor/tranny now..

    let me know.

  2. retzdaret

    Keep the frame and get new forks.

    It would be near imposible to replace the frame on our bikes.

  3. michwzdar

    thats a decent thought, but I want a front end that can accept springer forks. ive been told that our tires cannot accept the springer forks, so i was looking at a total front end, and figured why not go with a new rolling chasis. maybe ill look at front ends only, but would still love to here about some frame possablities.

  4. retzdaret

    I would contact Morton's and see if they will accept springers. You never know. If your going custom anyhow, you may be able to get something made to work. Easier than trying to get a frame made that will hold our engine. You have to have a double backbone frame to hold out power plant.

  5. virefaceone

    take a look at that bike of the month...springer front end and looking amazing.

  6. michwzdar

    thats exactly what im looking for. now to find out how he did it. anyone know if he posts on this board as well?

  7. MigejCojode

    Go to

    order the neck conversion then go to:

    and pick up your springer. then you have to look at wheels and brakes. The easiest way to do it is to swap out all the front end for HD parts. The cheaper way to do it is to make brackets for the fender mount, brake mount and appropriate wheel bearings to fit the axle and wheel. It sounds harder than it is.

    the tires don't care what kind of front end you have. However the rake on the triple tree does care how long you have. and your wheel size. Use this site to figure out your trail. Look for 4-6 inches. Longer is not optimal but ok, just makes it harder to turn and a little floppy in slow speed corners. Never go shorter than 4 (measured trail on my V* was 2.5 inches before extension scary) shorter risks a death wobble, tank slapper etc like a shopping cart caster wheel at the front end will wobble hard if allowed to, negative trail prevents that.

  8. virefaceone

    check that sight out, scroll down to the NEW OLD SCHOOL SPRINGER KIT. A lot of money to sink into it but it looks they can make one of their kits that fit and if you scroll even further down they have a kit that says it is for v-stars in general to make one of their front ends fit for a conversion.

  9. michwzdar

    ok i found a guy on ebay selling a springer front end, same length as ours. so, other than buying the neck conversion, will i need to swap the tree? I like how the bike sits as is, but I just love the look of the springer front end. mikey, is there someone you can put me in touch with that has made the brackets that wer speak of? I feel like I might be biting more than I can chew off, but i have some skill in fabrication.


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