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VStar 650 vs 1100

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  1. SlovPoge

    Didn't know whether to post in the 650 or 1100 forums, so I thought I'd put it right here...

    I am a newbie looking to buy a V Star in the near future.

    Basically, my question is do I need an 1100 or would a 650 do the trick? (BTW - I really don't care for the 950, so that is out.) I would like to get a Silverado if I can work it into my budget.

    I plan to use the bike to ride back and forth to work 3-4 days per week. My commute is 9 miles each way on two lane roads ranging from 35-55 mph. I also plan to use the bike to run errands on the weekends and to generally tool around town. My regular vehicle is a full size, quad cab pickup, so you can imagine the freedom the bike will give me!

    But with that being said, I have no intention of going on all-day rides or on long journey's with the wife. In fact she will not consider riding with me. She hates bikes (meaning she'll never get on one). My kids are grown, so they won't be riding with me either. I have no plans to go on bike tours or to bike weeks either. So, it's just all 6', 295 lbs of me out there riding for the reasons listed above.

    Help me out. I don't want to buy a 650 and feel that I've made a mistake. But, I don't want to spend more money to get the 1100 and have more than I really should have bought.

    I look forward to your replies!

  2. yaro

    Looks like you already set your mind on 1100. If money is an issue buy used.

  3. MigejCojode

    The only issue you may have with either bike is leg room. That's easily fixed with forward control extensions.

    I've been riding the 650 for a few years now and the riding you describe are what they like, what they are designed for. the 650 will be plenty good enough for you.

  4. THUNDER160

    I think you would really be better off with a 1100 or 1300 for yor hieght and weight.... Im 6-3 230lb and i ride my wifes 650 and it is really small feeling to me not what i would want to be out on all day.....

  5. MigejCojode

    The 650 and the 1100 are built on a similar frame. I think leg room issues won't be solved by moving to the 1100.

  6. Jonezpoj

    Sounds like 99% of your riding is just puttin around, go the 650 route...

  7. bhoenix3

    I am almost always an advocate for the bigger bike, but in this case you really don't need the 1100, unless you really like the comfort of the 1100 more for some reason. With a 9 mile commute and "just tooling around town" the 650 is very practical. If I were you, even if you plan on buying used, I would go to a local dealer and sit on both bikes just to see if one has a better feel for you.

    Keep us posted on what you ultimately decide. Ride Safe!

  8. vgink18054

    I have a 1100, but last weekend i rode a friends 650. i am 6ft and 240 pounds. and to me there is not much difference at all in the way the two bikes feel other than i think my 1100 may be a little quicker at getting up to speed. i just put floorboard extensions on my 1100 and made it a lot more comphy. i think you could do the same with the 650.
    but i ride two up most of the time. When i first got the bike my wife said NO WAY WOULD SHE RIDE THAT DEATHTRAP. after she seen how much i enjoyed riding she decided to just go on one short ride with me. NOW when the bike starts she is on the pillion seat saying, where we going?

  9. retzdaret

    If you can get by with the 650, you will save alot on gas and insurance costs. That may be reason alone. For tinkering around town and commuting, my 650 is perfect.

  10. toknord

    I think Mikey is right, the 650 and 1100 used the same frame. For the short distances you'll be riding I think the 650 would work fine. I know when I was looking, I didn't notice that much difference between the 1100 and 650. The 650 will be enough bike for your speeds and distances.. But, again get what fits...

  11. pajlineryohn

    I was in the exact same boat as you and I went and purchaced a 650. really tricked it out and I loved the bike but even around town I was always looking for that extra gear that just wasnt there. I bought a 2008 1100 silverado and let me tell you what a difference. Do what you feel is best for you but from my own personal experience go for the 1100 you wont be sorry. If you get the 650 I gurantee you within a year you will be looking for an 1100. If you have the opportunity try them both then decide.


  12. zcookiewzdar

    you and i are about the same size. i added brackets to move the controls fwd and i am comfy riding a couple of hundred far as power when i first got my 650 it acted like it needed a 6th gear until the gak and gutting the exhaust and now i dont even reach 5th gear until around 65-70 mph. a few mods and the 650 is just as much bike as you will need and as far as insurance goes because it is actually 649 cc not really 650 insurance is mega cheaper than the bigger bikes.

  13. gumarpige

    In my opinion 1100 is better to choose.

  14. MarkF

    Ok, I'm a lot shorter and a lot lighter. But having riden daily in both city traffic and country roads as I am now, my choice would still be the same the 1100 without a doubt. Just that little bit more power when you really need it!


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